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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 20 Sulking Silvio
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Chapter 20 Sulking Silvio

“Now— then, nap time, nap time—“

Today the weather feels so good. When the wooden window is opened a pleasant sunlight shines in

While humming, I climbed the stairs and put a hand on my room’s door.


“Su—…… Su—……”

There’s a snor_x on my bed. Alfried can’t have a nap on his bed.

“Why’s Eleanora-neesan sleeping on my bed. I don’t get it.”

Wha—t I should do, I wondered and peered at Eleanora-neesan. She was sleeping with the regular breathing of su—su—.

Even from the eyes of a little brother, I think Eleanora-neesan has quite a cute face. Nowadays, the cuteness is decreasing as she’s growing more proper and gallant.

I wonder if her posture’s good because she trains with the sword.

Sometimes she’s so fickle that it makes me wonder who’s the older person, but I guess she’s doing that to get attention. Since I’m actually older, it’s cute like a child.

Now then, I don’t have a flute for waking Eleanora-neesan up. Even if I have one and use it to wake her, I’ll end up battling her. I have to avoid that.

Even though it was my room, I pondered with sweat forming on my palms.

The princess carry…… I can’t do it unless I strengthen myself with magic. And she’ll definitely wake up.

Won’t she go sleep in her room—.

That’s right! I can teleport Eleanora-neesan to her room!

I ended up grinning from the fact that I thought up a clever plan even from my view.

Come to think of it… it’s the first time I’m teleporting someone other than myself. The fork beetle doesn’t count. It’s an insect.

Since I didn’t want to make a blunder, I walked over to Eleanora-neesan’s room.

By the way, the room across from and next to the empty room is Silvio-niisan’s room, and Eleanora-neesan’s room is next to Silvio-niisan’s.

I entered Eleanora-neesan’s room.

Maybe she’s using some sort of fragrance, since there was a nice and refreshing scent in her room. Not strong at all, but a gentle and soft scent.

There was a bed slightly bigger than my room with a desk and a chair. Fundamentally, the room’s not that different from my room or Silvio-niisan’s room.

The carpet might be a little expensive. It’s much softer than mine.

Other than that, there were clothes sprawled on the floor, or underwear on her bed. Otherwise it’s perfect. It’s alright. Even if it’s something unfashionable like ponchos, Alfried won’t mind, he’ll pretend that he didn’t see it.

Just in case, I carved the image of Eleanora-neesan’s room and teleported to my room.

When I teleported back, she was up. Not. She was sleeping peacefully.

“O—kay, then Eleanora-neesan, I’ll teleport you to your room, okay—?”

I placed a hand on her shoulder and channelled mana as usual.


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The moment I channelled mana into Eleanora-neesan, a sound I had not heard before leaked out.

Stop that. Such seductive sounds.

Since I had the body of a six-year-old, I teleported her in a sage’s mental state, not thinking anything special.

Then, Eleanora-neesan disappeared in a blink.

When I checked if it was successful, she was sleeping soundly on her bed.

It’s definitely a success.

At any rate, it seems like that teleporting someone other than me takes more mana. Maybe it depends on if the other person consented to it or not. This time, I teleported her when she was unconscious and sleeping, but since I have no precedents I have no way of knowing.

If there’s an opportunity, I want to try teleporting someone while they’re awake.





After I napped without problems in my room, I felt refreshed so I decided to relax and read books in the study.

When I entered the study, there was someone here before me. Silvio-niisan.

However, this time, he wasn’t reading.

“Are you playing shogi alone?”

I wonder if it’s a shogi problem? Doesn’t he look glum?

“Ah—, Al. You came at a good timing. I was playing with tousan just a while ago, but he had work.”

“That’s why the match was stopped.”

“That’s how it is. If it’s okay, won’t you play shogi with me? Al’s good at this, right? I’m fine with Reversi too.”

“Okay. There’s shogi here let’s play that.”

We placed the pieces to their positions and started the game.

Now, all the pieces here will move as I wish. As the name suggests, they’re my pieces!

I advanced my vanguard, a pawn.

Tch, doing it manually’s too bothersome. I’ll make shogi that reacts to mana some time later.

“Are you planning on promoting?”

“A promoted pawn is strong, you know?”

“It is bothersome. I’ll have to get rid of it.”

The nail that sticks out gets hammered. My pawn was merciless stepped on by a knight.

“Ah—! My pawn! My precious pawn was NTR’ed by Silvio-niisan!”

“Al, where did you learn such a word?”

Hearing my sentence, Silvio-niisan put on a bitter smile on his refreshing face.

Dammit, as I thought ikemen’s bitter smiles are handsome too.

One by one, my pawns were destroyed and stolen by his knight. This reminds me of a battlefield.

However, that is a trap! I’m making it look like invading with my pawns, but my real objective is stealing his knight with my bishop!

“I’m ta—king your knight—.”

“Ah, I wandered into your range before I realised it.”

Silvio-niisan used other pieces to shield the knight, but meanwhile my rook went all over the place and took Silvio-niisan’s pawn.

Plunder—! Don’t let any pawns get away—!

“Oops, that was dangerous. If I take that pawn, the bishop will come rushing so I’m not going there—.”

“You found out?”

“Since it was a move I used.”

“Then instead, I’ll be taking my knight back, okay?”


My knight was stolen by Silvio-niisan’s bishop.

My leg! My horse! What a cruel world. Steal, be depraved and take back. How despicable. It’s like humans.

Later, after a fierce battle, I managed to corner Silvio-niisan’s king and win the game.

“Want to play again.”

“Nope. Silvio-niisan, you’re strong so it’s tiring.”

“Really. I thought I could win this time though.”

That’s Silvio-niisan. If it was Eleanora-neesan she wouldn’t have let me stop.


“Al—? Are you here?”

Speak of the devil. Eleanora-neesan’s here.

“I’m here, what’s up?”

Since there was nothing good when Eleanora-neesan called for me, I reflexively clenched my fists.

“Why are you getting all scared for? It’s nothing.”


“Let’s play Reversi! It’s been a while! I got stronger from back then, you know?”

“Eh? Eleanora-neesan does it many times so no.”

“It’s alright. Let me have my revenge.”

“After you defeat Silvio-niisan.”

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“I feel like playing with Al today!”

What’s that? Is it something like feeling like drinking?

Eleanora-neesan placed the Reversi set on the table and tried to make me sit down.

Avoiding that, I hid behind Silvio-niisan.

“Come on, Al, let’s play, hm?”

“Come on, Al. Eleanora-neesan’s calling for you?”

“What about Silvio-niisan.”

“Don’t need him.”

“……No need……”

Eleanora-neesan answered right away. Silvio-niisan’s mood is a bit dark.

“Do it now, and you’ll get a gold coin and a libra fruit!”

“Still don’t need him.”

“……Eleanora-neesan, you’re cruel.”

“……Al, Eleanora-neesan, you’re both cruel.”

Oh no, Silvio-niisan’s growing smaller.

“It’s alright, let’s get on with it.”

Eleanora-neesan started stomping towards me.

“Hii! Silvio Barrier!’


I unintentionally sent Silvio-niisan to the gallows.

Ah—, sorry! Silvio-niisan! I didn’t mean to do that!

Silvio-niisan was held out with a blank expression.

“You’re in the way.”


But like taking candy from a baby, he was flicked away so easily.

“My Silvio Barrier!”

“……What’s a Silvio Barrier…… what’s that.”

Left with no choice, I was seated on a chair. Sitting across from me, Eleanora-neesan was all smiles.

Just how much does she like me. Brocon? Or is it just that my reactions are funny?

Regardless, even as I pondered, I won against Eleanora-neesan, so I had to do it 15 times.


Afterwards, Silvio-niisan was sulking it was hard trying to cheer him up.

I might have to seal Silvio Barrier for some time.