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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 263: Eleonora-neesan VS Eric
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Chapter 263: Eleonora-neesan VS Eric

Due to the uproar from the sand castle I made with Eric, we moved to another place since the place we planned to use was unusable.

So we decided to move to the beach on the south side of the sand castle.

「Yosh, there are no villagers here so there wouldn’t be a problem training here!」

Compared with the beach near the mansion, the south side of the beach gives the impression that it’s less popular. The beach is excessively spacious and there are no boats moored here.

After Egar-san cheerfully said that, each of us put out luggage to the side and then we prepare ourselves.

We securely fasten our leather armor equipment and check the condition of our gloves and shoes.

Uwaaー, come to think of it, this place was a beach. So it won’t hurt compared to when you fall on the normal sandy soil, but it’s going to be difficult with the sand getting into your clothes and equipment.

「Al, you are going to be late if you don’t prepare quickly, you know?」


While I was groaning like that in my mind, Sylvio-niisan and everyone else had already gathered and lined up in the middle of the beach with wooden swords in their hands.

Having such high awareness and seriousness, the three of them are loosening up their bodies without having any conversation.

It makes me feel intimidated if you threw me to such high awareness and a serious place like that.

It felt like I’d joined a group of serious people even though I’m in an ‘enjoying myself’ mood.

Just when I was trying to prepare myself in a hurry, Sylvio-niisan prepare himself slowly and approach me, maybe he was worried about me.

This older brother, he’s really kind. Truly a big difference from the older sister who looked at me with a gaze that seems to be saying ‘when are you going to finish, quickly come here’.

After Sylvio-niisan and I finally join them while being late, we automatically loosened up our bodies.

No one said anything but I keenly felt the atmosphere where it feels like we have to do this.

「Okay then, first we are going to jog on the beach as a warm-up to let us become familiar with the sand」

「That’s right. That would be good」

After we relaxed our bodies, Egar-san and Nord-tousan said those to us so it’s been decided that we will run on the beach.

Then Eleonora-neesan and Sylvio-niisan started to run as Luna-san and Eric starts to run and they appear to be familiar with it already.

And when I ran following those people, I almost tripped myself when I took my second step.


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「Hahah! It’s different from the usual ground you walk on, so you should watch yourself!」

Egar-san says while chuckling as he looks at my situation.

I have been to the beach yesterday so I knew that it’s easy for my feet to get caught in the sand, but when I try to run I stumble more than I thought.

When I take a step then two steps, the soft, irregular sand that has accumulated on my feet got kicked away, or my feet just get stuck in the sand.

And just like what Luna-san said, you can feel how difficult it is for the force of your strength of kicking the ground to be transmitted to your body and to walk forward.

I won’t be able to advance just like when I ran into the mansion’s courtyard.

While being careful so my feet won’t get stuck in the sand, I strongly stamp on the ground and raise my legs higher than usual.

By doing that, it made me able to run a little better than before.

However, this makes me more tired than usual, probably because my legs are making larger movements.

But, running while hearing the sound of the sea on the beach is really like a scene of youth.

I escape from the reality where my muscles are screaming by returning to my child’s mind a bit.

「Yosh, gather around now!」

After running like that for a while, Egar-san raise his voice and call out to us, he probably decided that the warm-up was enough already.

「Today our Sylford house will have joint training with the Slowlett house. I think that each of us normally trained our swordsmanship each day, so I hope that you exert yourself to the best of your abilities and use the experience to grow even a little! 」

「The purpose of the training this time is simple. You are all going to experience a spar against each other. By sparring with opponents unlike your usual opponents will make you able to grasp the habit of your opponents and fight while considering all of that. And if you lose, reflect on why you lost, fix it, and then try again. We will devote this whole day to doing that again and again」


Ehhー, are you serious? So that means we’ll have a spar for the whole day, you know.

First, when you’re fighting with someone you can’t comprehend with common sense like Eleonora-neesan, why should I reflect on my loss and fix it?

Hmm, isn’t it pointless even if you thought about the opponents you fought back against at home?

The problems now are Eric and Luna-san.

I won against Eric at the tongs battle, but in the first place, that is not a swordsmanship spar, and I threw magic at him at the end. I can’t say that I will win in a direct fight.

However, the time when we clash, his strength is probably under the common sense class. There is no problem in fighting him since the trajectory of his swing was not too fast that they can’t be seen like Eleonora-neesan.

Then Luna-san is the remaining opponent. I hear that she’s a speed-type swordswoman, but I have too little information about her so I can’t imagine fighting her. For now, let’s think that she’s not stronger than Eleonora-neesan. Although she’s not strong, she is strong enough that she can defeat Sylvio-niisan who takes pride in his impregnable defense.

Setting Eric aside, it’s going to be a hard fight with Luna-san as the opponent……

「First I want to understand your abilities, so I want you kids to spar. First will be Eric and miss Eleonora. After that will be Luna and Sylvio-kun」

「Al will observe first though, you will spar from the second turn」

Ooh, I don’t have to spar first.

Or rather that Eric. Your first opponent is Eleonora-neesan, my condolences.

「Eric, be strong」

「……why are you assuming that my confidence will shatter」

「Then, at least have a match first」


But then Eric put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me when I try to leave the place while feeling pity for him.

「That miss Eleonora, I hear that she is stronger than my aneue, but is that really true?」

「Who knows? I don’t know Luna-san’s true ability after all. Anyhow, good luck」

It would be more interesting for you to fight without any prejudice.

After giving an appropriate answer, I and Nord-tousan left the place so as to not get in the way.

「Don’t get absent-minded now, look closely at Eric-kun and miss Luna’s movements, all right?」

Just when I don’t have to fight first, letting my mind wander and feel at ease, Nord-tousan tells me that.

Right. Since I have the time to observe the opponents, it’s favorable for me to be able to see their movements.

So let’s properly watch their movements so I won’t get beaten up when it’s my turn to fight later.

While I’m focusing my mind, Eric and Eleonora are facing each other. And there are Sylvio-niisan and Luna-san at a certain distance from them.

There are two supervisors here and the space is wide, so they probably will do it at the same time.

The four people are facing each other with wooden swords in their hands, they take their stance and start their face off.

Now then, who should I watch? Looking at the overall situation, I don’t feel like I can see Eric and Luna-san’s movements.

So in that case, it’s best to start watching their movements individually. Under normal circumstances, I will just ignore Eric - whom I understand a little - and closely observe Luna-san’s movements.

But, Eleonora-neesan and Eric’s abilities are quite far apart from each other so they should be finished soon.

It would be wise to watch how many minutes Eric can last against Eleonora-neesan and after he was finished easily, will be for watching Luna-san’s movements.

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The sound of the sea breeze and waves can be heard clearly in the still and silent atmosphere.


After Egar-san shout the starting signal, Eleonora-neesan quickly reacted and stamped the sand below her.

Although Eric also kicked the sand under his feet, Eleonora-neesan was already closing in in front of him.


Guess he was not expecting Eleonora-neesan speed, Eric's eyes opened wide, and wildly shout.

Before he knows it, Eleonora-neesan already raises her sword above her and swings it down to the surprised Eric.

Did Eric suddenly die?

The moment I thought so, a dull sound echoed.


When I look closely at the place of Eleonora-neesan’s sword, the attack that she aimed at Eric’s shoulder is defended by him with the flat part of his wooden sword.

It seems like Eric succeeded in barely defending himself.

Although his posture was greatly disturbed after suddenly being pushed by the power of Eleonora-neesan.

And yet, Eric still doesn’t give up and tries to push back, but maybe Eleonora-neesan had predicted that since she pulls her sword.

Then Eric lurch forward since there was no pushing match between them. Afterward, Eleonora-neesan put her leg forward in front in a flowing-like manner and push his back with her arm.

「Oh? Huh? Gufuu……!」

Immediately after that, Eric rolls around on the ground in a funny way.

Eric is tumbling over on the beach without even being able to fall safely.

After his momentum stopped, his expression as he looked at the sky is as if he doesn’t understand what was happening.

「Eric, that’s it!」

When Egar-san threw in the end signal, Eleonora-neesan lightly exhales.

「I wonder if I should have stamped on the ground a bit stronger?」

Eleonora-neesan tilted her head to the side as she feels a different sensation from usual.

From my perspective, she was fast enough already but it seems that she is still not satisfied with her previous speed. Maybe, the match would have ended at the start if she wasn’t on the unfamiliar beach.

……even so Eric, there was only one exchange between you both.