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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 27 Cool Summer
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Chapter 27 Cool Summer

We climbed the mountain whose slope was growing steeper.

Maybe someone comes here regularly to pick wild plants since we were climbing up a somewhat beaten path. We were inside a lush green forest that could only be seen in summer. Curiously, there were lots of shade and the heat wasn’t troubling. Today the wind was blowing just right as well, so it was cool for a summer day. It was quite different from the climate of Japan. There was no reason to use ice magic either. Rather, I don’t really want to use ice magic on a picnic.

Currently, the lineup order is Eleanora-neesan, Emma-oneesama, me and Sheila.

I’m happy that Emma-oneesama is being considerate for me. “It’s steep here, are you alright?” She asked and even offered a hand to me.

However, Eleanora-neesan said, “We do swordplay practice, so this is a piece of cake,” that Emma-oneesama’s hand went away.

Uu, saying something unnecessary. Emma-oneesama’s hands had calluses from holding wooden swords, but it was a soft hand of a girl.

It seems that Emma-oneesama and Sheila started participating in the militia training from the year before the last. Seeing Eleanora-neesan spar with the militia men, it seems that she thought she wanted to become stronger even if she was a woman.

Though women are already at the top of the hierarchy in this village……



“Alfried-sama, have you been practicing the sword since this spring?”

“Yeah. Not every day, but I get done in every now and then. Nord-tousan and Eleanora-neesan are both tough.”

“That’s just normal. Normal.”

“Eleanora-sama and his lordship is strong. I also lose quite quickly.”

Ahaha, Emma-oneesama laughed wryly.

“Really, let’s eat here already—”

Behind us, Sheila hugged the lunchbox tightly and moaned. I wonder how many times she said that since we started hiking.

“Please endure a little more.”

After hearing Eleanora-neesan’s words, she held the lunchbox in her arms.

Something amazing is happening to the breasts! The lunchbox…… disappeared?

I shuddered at such an overwhelming sight.

What’s going on with that place. Could it be space magic?

“It has such a nice smell yet I can’t eat it, this is killing me—”

“Sheila, it’s just a little more so pull yourself together, okay?”


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From Emma-oneesama’s cheering, Sheila resumed walking.

Even though it was unfortunate, I kept climbing the mountain while facing forward.



“We arrived—!”


Without much danger or any happenings, we arrived at an altitude where we could see the whole village of Coryatt.

For me though, Sheila tripping was enough of an happening.

She never had her hand in front of her, yet she didn’t fall on her face. Is it that? Is it like the automatic airbags that expand when there’s a car accident?


“Lunch—! Let’s have lunch already!”

Sheila sat down on the grass immediately upon hearing my words.

“We can see the whole village of Coryatt from here.”

“Eleanora-sama’s mansion is the biggest so it’s easy to spot.”

“Come on! Let’s have lunch—!”

“Really, Sheila becomes completely restless when it comes to food.”

“She’s different from usual, but that’s also a loveable point.”

Uwa—, Eleanora-neesan’s is going ufufu and smiling gently with Emma-oneesama. It feels disgusting for some reason.


“Nothing. Let’s eat here.”

We sat on a spot with soft grass. As the spot was an open area, a wind to cool our bodies and shake the plants blew.

“The wind feels nice.”

“Now, let’s eat.”



Everyone let out a cry upon opening the packed lunches.


“Looks delicious!”

“That’s Bartholo for you.”


Yellow monotone. That was what I thought. Bartholo said that he didn’t have time or the ingredients and complained how he didn’t have time to prepare. My lunch has too much egg rolls. It’s already past lunchtime and I said that I didn’t need it, so maybe it couldn’t be helped?

Panicking at the yellow shade, I stored away some of the egg rolls and replaced that with meat cooked with sauce and butter-grilled mushrooms and carrots.


Sheila promptly speared an egg roll with a fork and pushed it into her mouth.

“Fuwaa! It’s a meltingly sweet and thick egg roll~”

“Fufu, then I…… what could this white thing be? Eleanora-sama?”

Emma-oneesama pointed at the white thing and asked Eleanora-neesan.

Eleanora-neesan seemed to be curious too, since she stared at the white stuff with puzzled expression.

“I don’t think I saw it before either. Al, do you know what this is? Have you helped with it?”

“Those are rice balls. You can eat them with your hands. It’s salted and it goes well with meat.”

“Heh—. It’s the first time I saw it.”

“Me too.”

“Fo if halled rife halls.”

“Sheila. It’s immodest to talk with food in your mouth—”


After swallowing them, Sheila responded with a gentle smile. She’s a natural, or child-like, there’s something cute about her.

“Rice balls are quite delicious.”

“Really? …They really are! It’s slightly chewy and it tastes sweeter the more you chew!”

“Yes, indeed.”

She’s definitely lying. There’s no way Eleanora-neesan’s brain can produce such expressions. She’s probably just thinking, it’s sweet, it’s soft. Something like that.

For the spaghetti too, she just said, “It’s interesting and delicious.”

For some reason, Eleanora-neesan is staring at me.

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It feels like, ‘why didn’t you let try it quicker,’ or something. I returned a gaze that said, ‘I’ll give you warm rice balls back home.’ I talked about rice balls as if to escape that.

“It tastes better warm.”

“I see—! Is it a new dish Bartholo-san invented?”

“Yeah yeah, that’s right—”

Ah, I don’t care anymore. It’s trouble if it becomes too famous and some strange person visits anyway. Some time ago, Nord-tousan had to chase out a strange merchant too. I sold the rights to Reversi to Tori, so it’s no use even if people visit.

“It goes well with fish too~”

Sheila happily rocked while having rice balls.

This is what I think. The treasure of Coryatt village is right here.

After the sweet meal was over, we rested in the shade while looking at the scenery.

“Funii! Funii!”

There’s a very funny bird.

I was curious, so I asked Eleanora-neesan who was lying next to me.

“Eleanora-neesan. That, bird? It had a really funny cry.”

“My, have you not heard of it? It’s a slightly large bird that lives in the mountains in this area. It’s called a funiibird.”

“Just as it sounds like.”

“Well, it makes such an unusual sound that’s why—”

“Are there any other traits?”

“It runs on the ground even though it’s a bird. Although it trips often.”

“That’s a strange bird. Anyway, how long are you going to keep using such speech? Are you like that outside?”

“I will pretend I didn’t hear the last part. A lady has many secrets.”

Eleanora-neesan closing in is scary.

“Really, Eleanora-sama likes Alfried-sama a lot. You kept reducing your pace when we climbed and kept sending glances.”

Sitting on a rock perfect for sitting, Emma-oneesama smiled sweetly.

No, she’s just threatening me. Rather, she was looking at me that often? She glares at me often so I couldn’t tell.

I turned my gaze to Eleanora-neesan since I was curious, but she already had her back to me so I couldn’t see her face.

“That’s not it. Al was just walking too slowly.”

Eleanora-neesan’s voice as she made that cold remark felt softer than usual.

It was another peaceful day.