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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 38: A Big Man
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Chapter 38: A Big Man

「Hey Torr……are you serious?」

It took several seconds for me to comprehend Torr words, I ask with trembling voice.

「Yes, I am.」

Torr look at me straight in the eyes. Wait you’re too close. This kind of position, it would be terrible if those wicked people see us. It’s as if Torr is closing in on me. But, Torr is serious.

Certainly, Eleonora-neesan has good appearance.

Though she spent a long time outside, her skin is still snow white and tender. And thanks to the daily practice-swinging, her tight body is just right, with smooth and slender limbs. Although the bulge in her chest also became smooth as well, her embodied golden ratio-waistline is beautiful.

Her eyelashes are long, with almond-shaped eyes, a well-balanced and eye-catching face.

Her long, bright red-mixed with brown, ponytail swing about as she walks, everyone’s attention will be stolen by her hair.

But, I won’t be deceived by such details (information). Torr, you should return to the normal path here. I must tell him about the real Eleonora-neesan. I’m not gonna let Torr go toward a thorny path.

「Which part of that person is good? Don’t you have such a lovely Ema-san as your sister?」

「’That’ huh, you’re an unusual person to not be attracted by a gentle and beautiful person aren’t you?」

「You’re deceived by her outward appearance! While Ema-oneesama is beautiful and gentle, she also has a lovely smile and very kind you know!」

Eleonora-neesan is gentle? Just how the heck did he end up with those kind of thought? That’s not a funny even for a joke.


So we step back and calm ourselves at once.

「Torr, it seems to me that you’re very obstinate.」

「Speak for yourself. I don’t have such feeling toward my sister.」

It’s as if the place between the two of us is cut off from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the Harvest Festival to the extent that the is no room for others to enter our space, and a heavy silence pervades the place.

「Eleonora-neesan is rough, violent, and savage, she’s far from being gentle you know?」

As I advise Torr, I spoke to him slowly and gently.

「You too. My neechan is sloppy as well as slow you know? And her chest―― 」

「――what are you talking about I wonder?」

「――I’m also interested.」

Two unknown voice appear, and those voice can be heard for the second time.


When I look back, I can see Eleonora-neesan along with Ema-oneesama standing there. The both of them seem to be very angry. Could it be that they heard our last conversation. If that’s so, then it’s terrible.

Behind them, is the figure of Sylvio-niisan with an exhausted appearance evident on his face.

「I’m looking for you Sylvio-niisan!」

I’m using Sylvio-niisan as an excuse, we will withdraw from this place. Torr’s envious expression flicker at the edge of my vision.

「Where have you been?」


With those words, a demon’s hand sharply grabbed my neck.

This is Nord-tousan’s technique! Could it be that it’s already mastered!

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「Hora2, Torr too, come here.」

「Hi, hiiiii!」

The one over there also got caught by Ema-oneesama who was smiling from the start. As expected from the full-grown chest, so Ema-oneesama can get angry too.

「Well then, I got some things to do, see you later.」

「Yes, Eleonora-sama. See you again.」

We kinda holding hands gently, and start walking in another direction.

『Well now, Alfried-sama and Eleonora-sama are close huh.』

『That’s true. How sweet. 』

『True. I also want my children to follow their example and not fight all the time.』

『Sylvio-sama is very cool and cute at the same time, a good siblings aren’t they.』

『Koryatt village’s future will be bright.』

One can hear the lively conversation of those women. But it’s wrong. This is me being restrained you know? I was restrained in order for me so as to not be able to escape. I tried pulling this white and soft hand but, it doesn’t even budge. What’s more frightening is that there is no feeling of pain or any kind of pressure at all.

While in the middle of being subjected to warm gazes from the villagers, I maintained my smile with all my might as I was taken back to the mansion.

×      ×      ×

The affection I received from Eleonora-neesan came like rain.

Was it taking the Harvest Festival into account, since today I receive a ‘Tickling Hell’ punishment by Eleonora-neesan.

To my laughter which resounds throughout the mansion, I think that it’s strange nobody feel any sense of discomfort.

If it’s Elna-kaasan, then even if she saw me in a worn out state, she will keep smiling and said 『You’re all also on good terms today eh 』.

I wonder what’s the people in the mansion think about me, let’s ask Bartolo about this.

As Eleonora-neesan finally release me, I head to the square where the evening party is being carried out.

The sky is already covered in darkness, and Koryatt village is enveloped by dark blue color of the night. I can see bright, blazing flames burning here and there.

「Is Torr coming? No, rather, is he still alive?」

I started running, while at the same time worrying about Torr’s safety.

Arriving at the village, many people are already gathered at the public square. Are the stalls near the square removed, seems like they’re closed so that many people can come and gather.

At the center of the square there is already fire burning, the villagers figure is illuminated by the light from the big bonfire. Foods are served in the surrounding, and the villagers are using one hand to drink their sake.

In some places, one can see a man dancing while the other villagers are clapping at him, a man who is confident in his musical sense took out their musical instrument, he plays the tune skillfully.

「Ohー, it’s startingー」

「You’re slow Al!」

While I was fascinated by the state of the party, someone call out to me.

「Torr! You’re alive!」

「Yeah, somehow.」

Torr is proudly rubbing his nose, but somehow I feel like his butt is suspicious.

「Is Eleonora-sama not around?」

「You too, what about Ema-oneesama?」

The both of us confirming our state. I think that both of us have a similar thought process.

「Neecan told me that she will join up with Sheila-neechan.」

「Then maybe Eleonora-neesan is also there. Since she left before me. 」

「I see. Then today, it will be talk between guys!」

Showing a friendly smile, Torr brought his hand to my shoulder. Somehow I became eager for it.

「Oh well, if there is Ema-oneesama, then Eleonora-neesan will also be there I guess. Besides, women also has their own circle. 」

Also, I have no adult around to talk to. Adults also has their own family, to drink with and make merry together.

「Yosh! We’ll talk tonight! It’s drinking between companion, buddy!」

「Nah, we’re still minor. Besides, buddy!? 」

「Yeah! We’ve told each other about our sweetheart, so it’s already decided that we’re friends! 」

I see. I guess he got a point there. I have no friend at my age, so Torr’s proposal is a good one.

「Iya, but in my case you have my respect. By the way my friend, what’s your real intention? 」

「Ehehe, I want to know Eleonora-sama preferences.」

Smiling weakly, Torr put his hand on my shoulder, then we happily head toward the center of the square together.

Hell, truly an interesting friend I got here.

×     ×     ×

「So in the end, does Eleonora-sama have a fiancee?」

Torr and I sit atop a log suitably placed in the center, we sit happily together.

「Ah, speaking of which, you did ask that.」

「Oi! Oh well whatever. So? Does she have one?」



Listening to my answer, Torr clenched his fist. And it can be said that he let out a roar, but thanks the fact that right now is in the middle of the party, the surrounding people didn’t seem to care.

「But, I think there is such talk before.」

「Whuut?! What’s that supposed to mean!」

「Wa-, wait, it’s hard for me to talk if you hold on to me strongly like that.」

「Oh, sorry.」

「Hmm, about two years ago I think? When she shows up at the noble’s party, there seem to be a guy who fell in love with her at first sight.」

「Then, then? What happen after that?」

Not satisfied with only such answer, Torr urge me to continue. But even he told me to do so, I don’t know much about that matter.

「It will be a lengthy talk if we continue, but Eleonora-neesan beat that guy with a sword. Besides, she never went to a party, and there’s no talk of marriage either」.

「That’s truly a short summary.」

「Well, I don’t understand it too well, but since it’s Eleonora-neesan, she gives the impression of ‘I will not recognize you if they’re weaker than me!’」

「Ahー, if it isn’t like that then it would feel unbalanced. Won’t suit each other」

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Does such a person exist in this world?

Celia-san? No, that’s not good. That person is a too good of a woman for any man. Natali-san? Nope, I don’t know her since I never met the person herself.

It is said for a strong person, when they met a woman for the first time it would turn into an amusing situation, but I think it’s inevitable if it’s Koryatt village.

『Ooh! Roland took his clothes off!』

『Nice! Dance, dance!』

『Gyahahaha! What sort of dance is that!』

『Westa also took his clothes off over here!』

『He look slender in clothes whenever you look at him!』

『What!? Westa’s movement! Is that…a…dance? 』

『They do it nicely in this season.』

『I will also took my clothes off!』

『Old-man! Stop it!』

『Why are you obstructing me!』

『You collapsed last year! Consider your age!』

『Fue! Fue! Then instead of this old man, should I took mine off? Back in the days as a man I――』


The adults are noisy somehow. Don’t let loose too much okay.

「……somehow, the adults are noisy.」

「Well, isn’t it the same as usual?」

「……is that so」

We couldn’t care less about them. Adults have their own world of adult.

「Ahー, guess I should do my best too.」

Suddenly, Torr muttered while looking up at the sky. Beyond, many stars shine and illuminate our figure.

And the light from the bonfire illuminate on the shaking figure of Torr.

「To be able to stand next to Eleonora-neesan?」

I ask Torr.

「That’s right. It might be impossible with a sword. But that’s also why I won’t give up. But in this way, I’m gonna be a big man. 」

Looking at Torr’s determined figure, he seems to look like a grown-up, not an eight years old boy.

He met with, and then adore Eleonora-neesan, and by holding such thought, did he find a goal by some chance I wonder. So will he grew up to be someone amazing from now on.

「A big man huh. So an adventurer then?」

Somehow, the thing that came to my mind, is that word.

If it’s so then surely, the it will be quite different from me.

I would like to travel the world, but to be an adventurer is a bit… Even if I want to go for a sightsee, I can just use Space Magic to go here and there, in order to get various ingredients.

「……an adventurer huh?」

The moment Torr mutter so, the sparks from the bonfire soar to the skies.

Author note:

This is the end of the Harvest Festival.