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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 5 Did I become lazy? Three years old child
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Chapter 5 Did I become lazy? Three years old child

I pretend to be asleep at night and confirm that Elna goes out of the room, I then open the magic book beside the bed.

Because there is nothing convenient like electricity, light magic is substituted as illumination. Instead, a magic tool used for lighting exists.

I discovered something like it the other day in Nord-tousan’s office.

By the way, in magic tools, there is something called a magic stone in the core of magic formations.

You need to defeat a demon in order to get a magic stone, otherwise, it seems you can mine it in danger zones dense with mana, however, it seems that it’s difficult because of the brutal monsters there.

I never want to go to such a place. Demons are too scary.

Now then, although that conversation was short, I immediately open the book and turn the page.

The first basic matters are already known thanks to Kamisama and Eleanor. *perapera* I skip those pages.

There it is. Low-class basic magic is written.

『Magic includes 【Fire Magic】【Water Magic】【Earth Magic】【Wind Magic】【No Attribute Magic】

In addition, the water derived 【Ice Magic】 and the rare 【Lightning Magic】 that only a few people can use.

To the person who picked up this book, you will become an excellent magician in the future, I sincerely hope that you will become the strength of Misfrit Kingdom.

Julius Mysfid

While retorting in my mind on how I was supposed to know where Misfrit kingdom is, I admire the picture that can be seen on the front page.

It’s out of character, my heart becomes lively when I realized that I will be able to learn and acquire new magic after this.

I calm down my 27 years old heart that was about to stop working……

Even though I haven’t even turned 1 year old here.

I turn the page while being excited.

Fire magic is dangerous because I might burn something, I wonder if I should start with water first.

There it is. Water Magic!

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『I demand for pure water to gather』

「Ae wa ooeru iyo aa ruru wi zu yo fu do e」

……Although I tried to voice it out as an experiment, even I didn’t understand it myself.

The feeling of not being able to say what I wanted to say is somewhat irritating. My tongue doesn’t work well.

Besides physical exercises, I wonder if I should also do vocal exercises similar to those done by the drama club.

I chant in my mind this time.

Then, on my palms, water appeared like when scooping water.

Uoー! There it is! There it is! With this, I can drink water anywhere anytime! This is very important!

Even then, I don’t want to drink water by magic every time.

Because the water of the countryside is very delicious, I think that the drinking water of water magic is dull.

In the place where I lived in Japan, the chlorine used for the sterilization of water was severe so it wasn’t delicious.

In comparison, because chlorine isn’t used much in the countryside, it seems to be delicious.

When chlorine sterilization is severe, water becomes not delicious.

Still, it seems sufficiently delicious in a part of Tokyo with good cleaning processing.

How about the taste of water from magic?


……Hmm, it’s just ordinary water? It’s defeated by the ordinary water in Japan although it’s cold.

Now then, next is wind!

Is it a magic that causes a small wind?

『I demand a peaceful wind that drifts in the atmosphere』

I chant it in my mind, the image of pleasant natural winds can be felt until now. It isn’t an electric fan.

Suddenly, the air flows gently.

The wind which blows through is pleasant and comfortable. I yearn for the dry wind which haven’t gone outside yet.

Suddenly I thought, will the wind become a bit stronger if I put more mana?

I was curious and used wind magic one more time.


I instinctively closed my eyes to the unexpected strong wind.

Too strong! Too strong! Too strong! Too strong!

I stopped pouring mana at once to cancel the magic.

When I looked around the room, the curtain that was tied up is untied and hangs down without any problem.

……It’s good that there is nothing in this room.

When you use this magic on the desk in the company, there will be chaos and a picture of Hell will emerge huh……

This day, the scary fire magic was not used.

Two years or so later.

I, Alfred turned three years old.

My body grew bigger too, I am able to run but I still fall down easily.

Recently, it takes a longer time to exhaust my mana so my mana training has also increased.

As my mana increases these days, I think that the feeling of exhaustion is stronger at the time when I run out of mana.

I wonder if this is proportional.

「I’m lying down at such a place again! 」

What? This is my favorite place you know!

This place is a plain that’s around a 10 minute-walk away from the mansion.

The grass doesn’t grow on one side and looks exactly like a green carpet.

I continue to look amazed while lying down except when my sister Eleanor came.

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She grew up from 6 years old to 9 years old, and recently, her body begins to grow slender even though she is still a child.

*Hirahira* The meadow shakes from the blowing wind, in addition, the chestnut-colored hair tied up in a ponytail became longer and vivid, and also, it seems that she’s becoming more feminine day by day.

The appearance of her face is also becoming slim, and her light brown pupils appear powerful and reassuring.

「Because I just started to have a break, it’s a nice time, isn’t it? 」

「Are you okay Al? Your eyes look dead again. 」

「Well, I just woke up so my eyes look like this. 」

Unfortunately, my appearance might be the worst in the family. Or perhaps I should say that except for me, I think that my family’s appearance is too excellent.

I have short chestnut-colored hair like mother, and my eyes with light brown pupils look slightly thin.

This is my appearance.

I can’t say anything about it. For children, fatigue caused by mana exhaustion appears in their eyes, also, only resting restores the used up mana.

Although mana is not exhausted, eyes that looks like a dead fish appears occasionally, being asked if I am tired, I want to think it’s a coincidence.

Surely, the feeling of being tired and exhausted from the previous life unexpectedly comes out in just an instant.

I’m an energetic and healthy three years old!

「Because mother said that Al occasionally goes outside, 」

My mother, who doesn’t need to do a lot to take care of me, worries too much.

I’m supposed to be a troublesome three-year-old full of curiosity, so, seeing me lying down properly and quietly in the room must be very worrisome. But actually, I’m just an exhausted magician.

This child who grew quickly from the start is also smart! I can often spend my time freely because it was recognized.

(The fatigue still remains) Seeing that I’m not standing up, Eleanor frown and bends her mouth to a “へ”, showing that she was dissatisfied.

「Iya, Nee-chan didn’t you take me along by force to the river yesterday? 」

「That was my judgment as your kind-hearted older sister. 」

How so! Eleanor puffs out her chest which she doesn’t have.

How are you kind-hearted!? You disturbed my nap yesterday, you disturbed my magic training the day before yesterday, and how are you helping me with your previous help now!? You also hurriedly ate my sweets in the end, (Unrelated) But it was all Eleanor-neesan’s fault.

「I see Eleanor-neesan as a demon. 」

「Never mind about that, let’s go quickly! 」

Resistance seemed to be useless.

While being dragged by Eleanor-neesan’s white soft hand, I’m also lead around today.