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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 6 Space Magic and Beetle
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Chapter 6 Space Magic and Beetle

「It feels the best when you can move with your own feet. 」

After I finished eating in the morning, I walk around the mansion with light steps.

Usually, there are two meals a day, one at noon and another at night, but Eleanor-neesan and I enter the kitchen and eat the excess pastries.

Even though I’m a child, the nutrition of two meals a day is insufficient. Because Eleanor-neesan simply moves her body, I think that her fuel cost is terrible. That is different.

「However, when I wasn’t able to walk, I was troubled about what to do with the inconvenienceー 」

I mutter my deep emotions. I had a hard time with this one when I was only a baby.

It’s because of me being a weird child, isn’t it?

Let’s read the continuation of the book today.

When I entered the study room, my older brother, Sylvio-niisan, was inside the room.

Eleanor-neesan is nine years old.

Sylvio-niisan is six years old.

I am three years old.

Are my parents clearly aiming for that?

No, because, although I became three years old, I don’t have a younger sibling. Well, I think that having about two or three children is just right.

Sylvio-niisan is sitting on a chair and reading a book.

Sylvio-niisan closely resembles Nord-tousan’s appearance. Blond hair and blue eyes. If I was asked, his personality is gentle. And above all, his face is well-proportioned. There’s no doubt that he will absolutely make women cry in the future.

Contrary to Eleanor-neesan having interests in the sword, Sylvion-niisan is interested in books and studying.

They seem to be completely opposite of each other.

Well, it is Eleanor-neesan.

It was to the extent that Sylvio-niisan was beaten up.

Eleanor-neesan likes the sword and aims to be a knight in the future.

In this age where there is a patriarchal system, even though it’s hard for a woman to become a knight, it seems like Elenor-neesan’s talent with the sword is exceptional.

Nord-tousan too, at first, he wanted her to acquire education, it seems he wished for her to be involved in domestic affairs, but, seeing that the person in question was serious, because it was seen that she had exceptional talent with the sword, she is now being taught and trained in the sword.

And, I am interested in magic for the time being.

Elna-kaasan occasionally teaches me nowadays.

「Is Al also going to read a book? 」

「Un, there are many parts that I can’t read, but, it’s interesting. 」

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「Is that so? Al is good at speaking and can read, but if there are parts you can’t understand, you can ask me, okay? 」

Sylvio-niisan gives a wry smile while saying so and returns his gaze to the book. Are you really a six years old child!?

Sylvio-niisan, unlike Eleanor-neesan, is quiet, gentle and kind.

I must not lose.


After eating lunch, I turn my feet towards the forest to practice magic.

It seems that there are demons in this world, but, there is not much in Coryatt village.

It’s safe because father and the vigilance committee frequently thins out the demons.

I thought that they will just unreservedly come out like in a game, but if something like that happens in the countryside, humans will perish.

However, demons roam around in swarms in places such as mana dense areas and specific forests. It’s very dangerous.


All right, I’ve arrived. I don’t go deep in the forest because there are demons, and because I will get scolded if I do.

So, I enter the place that is slightly open that has been remodeled like a secret base.

An obstructive tree is cut down, the desk and chair are made by earth magic, a simple house, but there is an aim for the future.

It is a man’s own space. I long for a secret base, a comfortable place that nobody knows. I properly made one in the past.

Now then, I’ll try to challenge space magic today. I concentrated on increasing the insufficient mana until now, although I was engrossed in other magic, I didn’t try space magic, but, I’m sure that I can use it now with leeway with the current amount of mana.

Although I don’t understand the concrete amount of mana, it has increased five times more than when I was a one-year-old. I am troubled with this poor and unreasonable fuel cost.

Okay, first is the image of the place where I want to teleport to. I will make it a short distance first.

From the hut where I am, let’s teleport to the table made with earth magic outside.

Wait, does it have to be me? Can’t I just teleport this pebble there? Suddenly, teleporting a man became a high hurdle. With this, even if I fail, it’ll be all right.

Many times more than the usual amount of mana was used.

Then, mana wraps around the pebble on my hand and it takes on a light blue light.

Then, I glance towards the table.

「Teleport! 」1

When I uttered the word, the pebble vanished with a poof.

*kan*2 *korokoro*3

The pebble suddenly appears from the previous empty space in my line of vision, it falls on the table and rolls around. The time lag is hardly felt.

Suppressing my throbbing heart caused by excitement, I teleport even more pebbles, branches, dust on leaves, and anything I could collect on top of the table and chair.

「Wow! This is incredible! As expected of Kamisama! 」

It’s amazing! This is wonderful! Although there are still a few gaps, I was really able to teleport things!

If you have this power, you don’t have to clean up and you also don’t have to carry luggage either! I can also counterattack Eleanor-neesan without being exposed! This is wonderful!

For this thought to first come to my mind even if it can be called peaceful, I wonder if that’s good or if I’m an idiot.

Un, come to think of it, I can earn money with teleportation. This is all for the sake of living an elegant slow life!

All right, time for the next experiment. I wonder what rules exist.

I have a feeling that the amount of mana used was different for the pebble and the leaf.

This time, I carry a large heavy rock that I can barely carry with both of my hands.

*gunununu*4 It’s so heavy!

「Magic Clothing! 」5

Fuー6, I cover and reinforce this three years old child’s body with mana because the rock was heavy.

However, it will cause muscular pain if this is done for a long time, but it’s still safe for a three years old child if it’s only done for a little while.

「There! Teleport! 」


All right, it’s a success. I carefully paid attention to slowly teleport it on the table.

My final aim from the beginning is to softly and gently teleport something.

Next are the small and light leaves. The conditions are opposite from a while ago. If my guess is correctー……

「Teleport! 」

The leaves fall down without making a sound.

It can be said that the leaves fell down from a tree without any incident.

Damn, I wanted it to fall down on the table all of sudden……

But, it is still within my guess.

I understood that the heavier and larger the thing is, the larger the amount of mana is consumed to teleport it.

Well, what’s natural is natural.

When one person carries a heavy luggage, and another person carries a light luggage, it will be strange if the person carrying the light luggage will use more energy.

Next are living things. Isn’t there anything here?

I look out of the window.

I hear the voice of the birds from the bright greens trees at a distance.

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……There’s nothing too.

When I was about to give up, I saw something like a beetle when I turned around.

The reason why I said it was something like a beetle, the horn was different from the beetle I know but it looks similar to it.

I’m not worried about the horn that looks like a fork. Indeed, this is fantasy.

I carefully grab the Fork Kabuto (Temporary Name).

I got stabbed by the fork-like horn while I was thinking……

I shook my foot a little while holding it and it got quiet.

「Okay, Fork Kabuto! You will be the first living thing in the world that will experience teleportation! You should feel honored! Teleport! 」

Mana wraps up Fork Kabuto in the same way as a while ago.

And then, Fork Kabuto was on the table.

「It’s a success! I did it! Fork Kabuto! 」

When I run up to Fork Kabuto to share the joy, some kind of bu-n sound is heard and something like a huge fist hits my head.

Eh? What? A stone was thrown? Are you trying to bully a three-year-old? What a harsh world……

When I looked up while thinking of the confusion, there was a beetle with a spoon attached (probably female) flying in front of me.

It’s probably saying something like “what are you doing meddling with my man?”.

Women are strong in any world, huh?

After that, I was chased for around thirty minutes.


After being chased by Spoon Kabuto, I succeeded in teleporting myself for a short distance.

I made a mistake at first because I got impatient, but, it was around one meter in the air from the earth.

I returned to the mansion by repeated short distance teleportation on the way back.

After long distance and passing through obstacles, there are still problems such as multiple, and so on.

Someday, I want to travel anywhere and I want to go shopping.


1転移(Transfer/Transition/Move/etc.); If you have any suggestions on what I should write as the name for this magic, do tell

2SFX for something dropping


4SFX for getting passionate about something

5魔装 (Ma sou); Mana/Magic Covering/Strenghtening/Reinforcement etc. ; Not really sure what to put here


7SFX for putting something down softly

8*buzz*/*swish* ; SFX for the sound of an insect