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The Assassin's Enemy Lover

The Assassin's Enemy Lover
616 Chapters
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The Assassin's Enemy Lover

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    Summary Enemies always meet on a narrow road and when they meet war breaks out.They met as kids and fought but Zi Han lost.They met in the army as recruits and even then Zi Han lost.He lost again as he remained a sergeant while Yi Chen was promoted the position of Marshal.Even when his dark hiry swallowed him whole and shifted allegiance bme the Universe’s most infamous assassin he still lost Yi Chen.Zi Han, “Damn it! Why won’t you let me win.”Yi Chen, “I can let you win in bed if you like?”Zi Han, “……”When did enemies graduate from rolling in the dirt fighting rolling in the sheets….. fighting? That’s the million-dollar question...... You’re reading “The Assassin's Enemy Lover” on See all Hide

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