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The Devil's Harem

The Devil's Harem
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The Devil's Harem

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    Summary #Harem #Modern #Slice of Life #Action #Revenge #Adventure #Romance #R18New Chapters: Mon-Tue-WedHaving been in an accident and soaked in blood, Alex found himself in front of Martha Rutherford. Martha brought him the hospital andok care of him while he was unscious. When Alex woke up, he remembered nothing. He had no idea who he was? Where did heme from? Family? Friends? Nothing. Martha along with her husband George decided adopt Alex and bring him the family. It was not long before Alex mingled with the Rutherfords and it was not hard for him love them like his real parents.But one thing heok note of was never burden himself on them. Soon Alex found a job in ampany at the forefront in every aspect in the city. And the plus point was that thempany hadns of beautiful ladies. But as the way of the world is where the buffaloes fight the crops suffer. Though thempany was full of beautiful women, every one of them had an ambition.As soon as Alex got the job at Theation, he came inntact with a number of beautiful women with each having a different temperament. Hazel and Ellaine were like the bullying older siblings, always picking on Alex. Amber was the sneaky younger sister. Jessica was like a mother of them all trying keep the ducklings in a queue while Karen was like a strict father. But one thing was clear, unlike what is there in the outside world, none of them wanted trample Alex. In fact, they doted on him the most.But he was not truly happy. There was thisnstant desire in his heart find about his past. Along this journey he bickers with Jessica, the CEO of Theation, he forms a bond with Annie, the cute little girl, gets jealous over Margaret, his neighbour and will he lose his innocence the growing blood lust in him?Ampany Alex on his journey find the answers You’re reading “The Devil's Harem” on See all Hide

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