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The Duchess and the Devil

Chapter 36: Chapter 36.
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«I think many people are curious. After all, what happened to the Duke is … unusual.»

And it’s true. It’s really strange that a person just came back to life. And to ask about it at today’s tea party is a natural thing that worries everyone, so Judith prepared for such a thing in advance and did not seem surprised.

«I think the Lord himself gave us a helping hand, because my husband was really very bad, – the Duchess took another sip of tea. «And it’s just a miracle.»

The ladies exploded with true admiration upon hearing this explanation. Of course, it did not reveal even a fraction of the mystery of what had happened, but it fully described Judith’s attitude to the Duke at the moment. The girl knew that this was not a miracle, but a curse. And all thanks to the Demon, not the Lord.

But she only laughed with the guests, showing herself as a loving wife.

«Moreover, whatever the reason, I’m just happy,» Judith said.

«Then will you also attend the lighting ceremony?»

Judith’s fingertips twitched. It would have happened sooner or later.

The consecration ceremony is held twice a year in the temple. This is the main event at which the priest blesses all those present. However, the blessing is limited, and people with a high position are illuminated first of all. This means that the ceremony will begin with the Emperor.

Moreover, now people think that Derrick survived by the grace of God, but this is not true. Inside the Duke lived a demon created by dark magic. And how will he receive the blessing? After all, this is a completely inappropriate combination.

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«Well, we need to see if my husband can attend this event.»

There were a lot of rumors around the resurrection, so now Judith had to act as carefully as possible, so as not to create more misunderstandings. There was a silence at the table that was oppressive.

«Um…» came the voice of Lisa Pell, who was looking over Judith’s shoulder.

The Duchess wanted to smile, but someone put a hand on her shoulder and bent down to her ear.

«Madam,» a lazy bass voice said.

Startled, Judith looked at Derrick. She hadn’t expected him to come, so she didn’t even know what to say.

«What’s going on here?»

Tea drinking was only a female activity, to which men were not invited. Therefore, the appearance of Derrick threw everyone into shock. Of course, this was not prohibited by law, but it was still an unwritten rule.

The reason was that men did not understand women’s culture, considering it stupid to drink tea and chat about absolutely uninteresting things. And Derrick shamelessly violated the ban.

Judith looked at the ladies again, then at Derrick, who was laughing.

«Did you want something?» Judith smiled significantly and asked why he had come. No matter how rational the Duchess was, there was no way she could control Derrick’s actions.

«I just came to see what’s wrong with you because I was worried.»

Judith was genuinely confused, because the demon was worried about her, and not her husband, with whom everyone thought she had a bad relationship. And from the outside, they could interpret what was happening in absolutely different ways. Perhaps Derrick decided to do this out of politeness. Or he simply did not think about actions, because he is a demon who simply could not know human customs and rules of decency.

Now Judith realized her mistake – it’s worth warning about this in advance.

«And I couldn’t stand it, so I wanted to see my wife.»

A startled exclamation was heard next to them:

«My God!»

The noble ladies could not take their eyes off the couple from the moment Derrick appeared here. After all, when he was resurrected, he showed such tenderness and affection for his wife, which had never been before.

«I’ve been thinking about you for a long time and I missed you,» he kept going into details, which only provoked the guests more, who began to compare him with their own husbands.

Judith listened to all his words, trying not to betray her excitement and trembling, seeing the lust in those purple eyes. She seemed to be at a loss for words, swallowing her saliva.

«Excuse me, I’ll step away for a minute,» Judith took Derrick’s hand and, smiling, retreated deeper into the garden.

The couple moved away to a fence shrouded in flowers and greenery, where they could not be heard or seen by others.

«What are you doing?»

Derrick bowed his head, leaning against the fence. His black hair and red roses surrounded by vines were harmoniously combined, like a masterpiece.

«Shouldn’t I have shown up?» Derrick touched Judith’s waist and pulled her to him.

The displeased look immediately disappeared, submitting to her husband, her expression was replaced by an innocent and surprised face. Judith was preparing for tea all these days, because of which she refused to be intimate with Derrick. Although the sex was pleasant, physically the girl was too tired, waking up in bed the next day, unable to move.

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Preparing for the meeting, the girl practically did not sleep, so if Derrick had sex with her, Judith would definitely have fainted again. The Duchess, of course, explained the situation to her husband, and he agreed to the conditions.

But Judith had no idea that he would reveal his discontent in this way.

«You said that you understand everything, and now…» – Judith grumbled, realizing that Derrick was very impatient, then suddenly screamed when he unexpectedly touched her buttocks.

The demon rubbed his nose against her neck, but the girl tried to move away:

«Let’s continue when the guests leave…» — but Derrick did not stop petting. A sweet moan escaped from her lips when sharp teeth touched the skin, and then a smooth tongue ran over the sore spot.

He sucked, then nibbled and licked the same place until he was completely sated and pulled away:

«It’s beautiful,» he said, looking at the purple-red mark on her neck.

Judith, realizing that there was now a large kiss mark on her neck, immediately recoiled, seeing Derrick laughing. Embarrassed, she looked around and realized that she could not hide anything: her hair was gathered, and the dress only reached her shoulders, having a good cutout in the decollete area. Derrick grinned at his wife’s angry look.

«Do you want to hide your tracks?» the thin whisper sounded more like a tempter’s serpent.

Derrick again clung to the lips of the girl, who willingly returned the kiss, despite all her dissatisfaction. Judith still didn’t understand why she was behaving this way, but her body simply didn’t give in to the rules of logic.

The Duchess tried to push Derrick in the chest, but his big back and arms did not give in to the pressure, squeezing her tightly in his arms. The demon’s breath burned her lips, and his tongue explored everything inside her mouth, passing over even teeth. He was deliberately igniting a bright desire in Judith that she could no longer be able to control.


The arms wrapped around Judith’s back also moved slowly, reaching her head. The pink brooch fell to the floor with a crash, letting down her hair and hiding the mark on her neck. But now the Duchess did not care at all.

«No need…» Judith said through a groan, trying to control her lust and desire.

«Ugly,» Derrick said. He licked Judith’s lips, running his tongue over her cheek and moving to her eyes. The demon completely smeared all the makeup on his wife’s face. Pulling back, Derrick noted:

«It’s more beautiful this way.»