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The Duchess and the Devil

Chapter 41
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Chapter 41.

Unedited version, need an editor.

Translator: Ursomone.

When Judith buried her forehead in his shoulder, Derrick entered her again, as if a knife had cut butter.

«Do you hear that sound?»

The girl’s hips trembled more and more with each movement of her husband. As the demon noted, Judith heard an obscene sound that greatly embarrassed her.

It was like someone was running through puddles.

«I’m so going to lick it all,» Derrick whispered when Judith let out another moan. Together with these words, he entered even deeper with renewed vigor.

Seeing the liquid flowing out of the vagina, the demon became more and more excited. He looked like he hadn’t had a drink in days, and that was the only source of water. So greedy was Derrick’s gaze. Countless times, the demon licked his fingers, savoring every millimeter of Judith’s body.

All this went on until the Duchess touched Derrick’s penis again. The tips of her fingers gently touched the head, increasing the sensitivity and level of arousal. Unable to stand it, the demon pulled Judith to his waist and entered the full length.


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No matter how hot she was, Derrick’s penis was still huge, which made the girl feel a sharp pain, but it gradually turned into tension.

«Wait a minute. It hurts,» Derrick suddenly said.

«Does it hurt?»

«Yes, it is… Strange…»

Derrick was in an extraordinary ecstasy due to the fact that a tight vagina was squeezing his penis. He felt pain from that, too. The demon cursed again, unable to control his own emotions.

Judith had never heard anything like this from Derrick, so she seemed quite shocked. She came down, stroking her belly with her palms. The girl felt fullness in the area of the uterus, as if something was moving inside her, which made Judith immediately think about the baby and pregnancy.

She had always been intimidated by Derrick’s abrupt movements before, but now she felt about it in a completely different way. In particular, now the couple was in an upright position, which helped to ease the pain quite well.

Calming down, Derrick touched her cheek with a cool palm, then bent down to the girl’s earlobe and licked it. The demon, who usually sat firmly in the position of leader, gave all the initiative and the reins of power to his wife:

«He will be motionless… You can move it yourself.»

Judith took a deep breath, trying to move properly. The powerful pleasure of an electric discharge reached the very heart, making it beat harder. Fear has completely receded into the background, leaving room only for excitement and lust.

Holding onto Derrick’s sturdy shoulders, the Duchess moved spellbound. Every time she slowly rose and fell, the penis sank deeper, after which it almost completely came out, leaving a void behind. And the obscene sounds of genital contact did not stop.

«Ah-ah,» as if drunk with pleasure, Judith practically stopped breathing.

«You have a cute expression on your face,» Derrick suddenly said when the girl reached the peak of her pleasure and arched at the waist.

It was the first time he had said something like that to her. So Judith looked at him awkwardly and confusedly. In a fit of passion, the demon took the silvery shock of hair and squeezed, saying roughly:

«And if someone says it’s not, I’m willing to bet.»

However, Judith understood that the initiative was still in her hands, so she was not going to stop and be embarrassed right now. It seemed that for so long the Duchess had developed a little immunity to Derrick’s behavior. Her graceful, slightly lowered eyelids, reddish lips – everything seemed beautiful. The girl moved her waist without slowing down for a second. Now, unexpectedly for herself, Judith wanted to make every part of Derrick her own. She couldn’t imagine a man in bed with anyone but herself.

«Who am I?»

«What?..» Judith asked blankly.

«Who am I?»

Derrick didn’t understand who Judith saw in him–a demon? Or the late husband? Who does she have all these feelings for? Although it seemed that any of the outcomes had to suit him, something fluttered in his heart, causing mixed emotions. The mere thought that he was only a deceased husband irritated and angered.

And the fact that Judith did not dare to answer, irritated even more.

She was not silent, because the question was too unexpected. Now Judith was just stuttering, her mouth open.

«Derrick,» she said, but she was faced with a fury in her eyes that she never expected to see. He clearly didn’t like something. Without expecting it, Judith added, «The devil.»

In the blink of an eye, the man calmed down and his muscles relaxed. Derrick began slow movements inside the girl–soft and gentle.

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The pleasure that had been building up slowly like ripples quickly turned into a violent tsunami and hit her. In a terrible tremor, Judith grabbed Derrick by the neck. Saliva accumulated in the mouth, a thin trickle flowed out of the mouth. The girl was not even able to swallow it. Her body was shaking, as if she was about to lose consciousness.

«Ah-h, Derrick!»

The man skillfully moved inside, firmly holding his wife by the waist. With each movement, the heart beat faster. The thrill of orgasm swept through the body, relaxing every muscle of the body. From the outside, Judith seemed like a small weak kitten who just wanted to hug. And after a moment, the girl felt something flowing out of her.

At the very moment when Judith reached the climax, Derrick also came, getting dizzying pleasure. The Duchess trembled endlessly, as if she had never experienced such a thing before.

«Ah, we haven’t had sex for so long,» Derrick kissed the girl’s face here and there, expressing complete satisfaction after a long abstinence.

Moving, it seemed to Judith that she was just sitting in a puddle of water. Not only her own juice came out of her, but also the man’s sperm. The girl couldn’t even figure out how much liquid was inside now. Derrick touched Judith’s navel:

«It will be a miracle that I won’t be able to see,» the man’s hands were covered in semen.

«Don’t wipe your hands on your stomach.»


«Feelings… Strange.»

Derrick smiled sadly and bit her lip. At the same moment, as if fascinated, he grabbed the girl by the waist and changed his position.

«Derrick, wait!»

«Did I say we’d only have one?»

«Yes, but I’m so tired…» – Judith understood that trying to escape from Derrick was stupid, but she did not lose hope. And moreover, the more often they have sex, the sooner the demon’s stay in this world will end.

And it hurt even more.