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The Female Alpha’s Sanctuary

The Female Alpha’s Sanctuary
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The Female Alpha’s Sanctuary

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    Read The Female Alpha’s Sanctuary by Sanctuary. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Female Alpha’s Sanctuary by Sanctuary full chapter at . Genre: Werewolf This describes a scene where the protagonist, Selene, discovers that Landon, the future Alpha of the Nightwake, is her mate. They both feel surprised that they didn't realize this earlier. However, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Hestia, Selene's sister and Landon's close friend. Selene feels jealous seeing their interaction but reminds herself that they are just friends. Selene struggles with her conflicting desires to claim Landon as her mate and protect her sister's feelings. They decide to have a proper conversation about the situation later. Selene reflects on the power of the mate bond and how it can strain relationships. Despite her own feelings, she acknowledges that Hestia has her own mate out there. The passage ends with Hestia enthusiastically dragging Selene to open her birthday gifts, despite Selene not being in the mood. Please read and follow The Female Alpha’s Sanctuary by Sanctuary full chapter at . Thank so much!