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The Heiress Strikes Back

The Heiress Strikes Back
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The Heiress Strikes Back

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    Summary Sharon was an ordinary person, while her husband, Wallace Harris, was a promising and handsome man. His family was one of the most prestigious and wealthiest families in New York City. Being able marry Wallace was an accident.Throughout their three years of marriage, Wallace had never slept with Sharon. His family also kept persuading him divorce Sharon.It was the birthday party of the Harris family’s old matriarch, and all youngsters of the Harris family had given the most expensive gifts possible make the old lady happy—everyone but Sharon. She asked borrow money from Madam Harris for the old housekeeper, Uncle Smith, as he had no money pay for his medical treatment. But as expected, the Harris family humiliated her when she requested.“The Harris family has never had a poor relative like you. Don’t you ever appear in front of me again! Wallace should’ve married Crystal. She’s certainly a young lady who’s worthy of marrying i our family!” said Madam Harris.“Please know your place and get out of here. Don’t stay at our house anymore. How can Wallace’s grandfather be so foolish marry a poor, useless woman like you my son?!” said June, Wallace’s mother.“It’s just a few million dollars, yet you’re so poor that you need borrow from our family. How can a woman like you deserve be with Wallace? If it were Crystal, she definitely wouldn’t have embarrassed us so much!”That night, Wallace handed Sharon a bank card, whichntained millions of dollars. “Thempany is developing, so I don’t have much cash. You can use this help Uncle Smith.”Facing the Harris family’s hostility, Wallace stated, “Since I have married her, she is my responsibility. Regardless of her being rich or poor, Sharon is my wife.”It wasn’t until a stranger approached Sharon one day. Only then did Sharon know that she was the daughter of ap prestigious family, who was eligible receive assets worth at least ten billion.She suddenly owned the largestmpany in New York and a bank card thatntained hundreds of millions of ‘pocket money.’In the blink of an eye, her identity had changed. She was no longer the poor daughter-in-law that wasn’t favored by the Harris family. Instead, she had bme the most prestigious person in New York! You’re reading “The Heiress Strikes Back” on See all Hide

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