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The Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods

The Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods
332 Chapters
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The Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods

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    Read The Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods by Sallie Woods. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods full chapter at . Genre: Romance In June in Melfort, Natalia, heavily pregnant, sits on her balcony and receives a video call from her sister Kendra, revealing her husband Magnus having an affair. Overwhelmed, Natalia collapses and goes into premature labor. In the hospital, Natalia wakes to learn her baby didn't survive. Distraught, she refuses to accept it, pulls out her IV, and rushes to the nursery. The doctor and butler, Linden, try to console her, but Natalia escapes the hospital, stealing Magnus's car. Magnus, realizing Natalia's disappearance, desperately chases after her. Natalia, fixated on reuniting with her baby, speeds towards a bridge. Despite Magnus's pleas, she embraces the idea of joining her child in the afterlife. As her car approaches the bridge's center, she closes her eyes, seeking peace from the world's cruelty... Read The Imposter Bride by Sallie Woods