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The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate

The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate

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    Summary Liu Sanniang was reborn. When she remembered her lonely end, she decided get married in this life no matter what.She only wanted marry an average scholar, but who knew that the tall and striking future general, Chu Yan,ok an interest in her.The first time they met, she waso shy look up at him.The snd time they met, he sandwiched her against the wall and said, “Are you afraid of me?”The third time they met, he squatted down and said, me on, I’ll carry you.”***After meeting a few more times, he came ask for her hand.However, he was at least two meters tall and muscular. She feared that he might squash her death!Once they got married, Chu Yan strode over her and ‘forcefully’ grabbed her hand, ready pass his life savings her. Yet, his delicate and beautiful bride fainted out of shock…Liu Sanniang then realized that being with her ‘scary’ husband meant living peaceful and leisurely days, so her eyes narrowed as she grinned.You’re reading “The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate” on See all Hide

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