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The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan

The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan
900 Chapters
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The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan

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    Read The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan by Rebecca Ryan. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan full chapter at . Artist: Percival and Ellington... Genre: Billionaire On a July evening, Vivienne, standing by her mother's grave on Emerald Mountain, announces her return to the Hawthorn family, ending a ten-year pact. A group of men in black, led by Percival, confronts her. Vivienne incapacitates them effortlessly. She leaves but returns to save a wounded Percival, using rare healing medicine. Later, at the Hawthorn Mansion, Beatrice vehemently opposes Vivienne's return. Dorian, Vivienne's father, supports her, and Arabella reveals Vivienne's engagement to Mr. Ellington as leverage against Beatrice's objections. The engagement between Percival and Arabella is a contentious issue in the Hawthorn family. Beatrice, the family matriarch, initially opposes Vivienne's return but changes her stance when she learns Vivienne is engaged to the Ellingtons. Beatrice plans to use Vivienne to strengthen their ties with the Ellingtons. Vivienne agrees to return and call off the engagement. Later, Dorian and Cordelia, Vivienne's father and stepmother, express their desire to help her cancel the engagement, citing concerns about Percival's disability. Vivienne agrees to call off the engagement, and Dorian promises to contact the Ellington family. In a different location, Percival, Leopold, and Thomas discuss waiting for Vivienne, but she doesn't show up. Leopold is fixated on his "Mystic Mistress," whom he believes can cure his sister, Isolde. Percival and Thomas question the existence of the Mystic Mistress, leading to an argument. They decide to go to Havenwood, where Percival aims to have Vivienne call off their engagement. Read The Million-Dollar Heart .

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