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The Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife

The Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife
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The Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife

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    Read The Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife by Athena. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife by Athena full chapter on . GenreL CEO The text describes an evening where Grace Salen, after three years of marriage to Edgar Fallen, experiences a sudden sexual encounter with him. Despite the initial shock, she bes aroused and experiences physical intimacy with him for the first time. However, their intimate moment is interrupted when Edgar accidentally utters the name "Nan" in a hoarse voice. Grace is devastated to realize that Nan, Edgar's first love, has returned and threatens her position in the Fallen family. Grace receives provocative messages from Nan, claiming that she will be evicted from the family. In the morning after the encounter, Grace and Edgar have a tense confrontation. Edgar accuses Grace of drugging him to sleep with her and implies that she is manipulating him. Grace denies these accusations, feeling hurt and misunderstood. She finally decides that she can no longer endure the difficult marriage and bravely suggests that they get a divorce. The text highlights Grace's internal struggles, her low self-esteem due to mistreatment from her in-laws, and her realization that her efforts to win Edgar's affection have been in vain. The return of Nan triggers Grace's determination to break free from the unhappy marriage... Read The Millionaire And His Billionaire Ex-Wife