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The Moon Goddess' Chosen

The Moon Goddess' Chosen
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The Moon Goddess' Chosen

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    Summary Humans and Werewolves have livedgether in this world for nearly four hundred years… Since the appearance of the first two werewolves, royals, given this power by the moon goddess herself.In a world where humans and werewolves livegether in a tight and uncertainllaboration filled with mistrust and pretence, hunters exist keep the peace while rogues exist disrupt it.Two children are born… destined put a p all the bloodshed and suffering, but not everyone likes the idea of a world with peace between the werewolves and the humans…..With the Moon goddess along with the Prometheus, the god of mankind only able watch and provide assistance where possible without breaking divine laws, the question still stands. Will her Chosen Ones be able amplish the task at hand…..The Rogue King strives keep the two from ever uniting, forcing the them lead lives that can never be described as normal, but can be called interesting… You’re reading “The Moon Goddess' Chosen” on See all Hide