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The Royal Contract

The Royal Contract
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The Royal Contract

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    Summary A one-night stand was all she wanted. A one-night stand was not his style. Still, they ended upgether in a night of passion. No names, no feelings, and nomplications.They thought that their unexpected eunter was an isolated incident. However, fate had something else in mind.As they found each other, back in each other’s arms. Not in a passionate embrace, but with antract that would bind them for a long time. An agreement they were both bond honor.Daniella Hamin was an heiress who wanted nothing do with her father and her inheritance. She pursued her career bme a lawyer for the masses whould not defend themselves from the injustice in their current judicial system.Alexander Princn, as the name suggested, was a possible heir, next in line his father, the Duke of the Blackne House. He also wanted nothing do with the title or the prestige of the dying Royal Empire. him, wealth was the real power.Would their agreement lead them the fulfillment of their dreams or would it end up in a disastrous union?You’re reading “The Royalntract” on See all Hide

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