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The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

Chapter 22
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Life Is Full of Hope

Shen Qiuhua had planned to bring some things over, but they belonged to Su Binglan since she had sold her makeup and some clothes to buy them. Shen Qiuhua felt that she couldn’t have any designs on her daughter’s things.

Shen Qiuhua never expected her daughter to be willing to send some supplies to her in-laws. “B-But these are your things, Binglan. I can’t just give them away.”

Shen Qiuhua felt it wasn’t right even though it was for her eldest daughter-in-law’s parents. She couldn’t find a reason to give her daughter’s things to another family.

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Su Binglan knew how good her mother and father were to others, and because of that, she was willing to treat them well. It was just mutual understanding.

Su Binglan smiled and said, “Mother, I offered these things to them, so please take them to Sister-in-law’s parents. We’re a family, and we won’t lack such things in the future. Which reminds me, we will soon pay our medical debt.”

Shen Qiuhua looked at Su Binglan and felt her daughter’s compelling words. It was as if everything she said was right. Shen Qiuhua would always do what her daughter told her to.

It was a strange feeling, but Shen Qiuhua instinctively believed Su Binglan’s words. Shen Qiuhua became teary-eyed as she held her daughter’s hand and said, “Y-Yes, of course. I believe in you, Binglan.”

Shen Qiuhua started to think that life was full of hope. She held the things in her hand and walked out of the house, her body full of energy as she walked in a hurry.

The villagers had finished their lunch break and prepared to go to the fields and continue their work when they saw Shen Qiuhua carrying a basket and heading east.

The villagers greeted Shen Qiuhua warmly, “Qiuhua, where are you going with that basket?”

“I’m going to visit my in-laws and bring my daughter-in-law and grandsons home,” Shen Qiuhua replied excitedly.

Su Teng village was a village with Su’s surname when other villagers moved in. However, Su Fengmao still had the final say in the village. The villagers were kind and straightforward under his management. At most, they would gossip but would never have bad intentions.

“Qiuhua, won’t your daughter get angry when she sees you secretly taking things to your in-laws?”

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“That’s right. Binglan will scold you if she sees you doing this.”

“Qiuhua, your daughter used to be so kind. What happened in the past two years that caused her to change? Did she join the wrong crowd?”

The villagers liked the former Su Binglan since she was kinder and more considerate. Moreover, Su Fengmao was the village chief, and the entire Su family doted on Su Binglan. The villagers dared not say anything about it.

But Su Binglan’s behavior worsened, and the villagers would occasionally say a few things about it.

Meanwhile, Shen Qiuhua knew that the villagers didn’t have any bad intentions, and everyone was thinking for her. It was indeed quite worrying whenever Su Binglan caused a stir.

Shen Qiuhua smiled and said, “Binglan is doing quite well now. She said that she realized her mistakes after almost drowning in the river. She’s back to her old self now. She was the one who told me to bring these things to my in-laws. Please don’t say such things about Binglan in the future.”

A few enthusiastic villagers were stunned when they heard these words. They were in disbelief.

Su Binglan had been very selfish these two years, claiming all the good things for herself. She didn’t even care if her nephews were hungry. The villagers wondered why Su Binglan told her mother to send some supplies to her in-laws.

Everyone wondered if Su Binglan really changed for the better.