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The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

Chapter 5
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Unique Method of Feeding Medicine

Shen Qiuhua would always try to please Su Binglan whenever she spoke to her. She was afraid that her daughter would be unhappy, so she chose her words wisely.

Su Binglan felt sour when she saw Shen Qiuhua with her gray hair and tattered clothes. She said gently, “I’m not unhappy, Mom. I just understand a lot more since I woke up from falling into the river. I want us to live a good life and help you earn some money. That way, you won’t have to work so hard.”

Shen Qiuhua was in disbelief when she heard her daughter’s words. Her eyes were bloodshot when she saw Su Binglan’s serious expression. Her daughter would never say such things.

Shen Qiuhua said in a hoarse voice, “We’re happy as long as you’re well. I don’t feel tired from working.”

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The mother and daughter spoke for a while before Shen Qiuhua left. Su Binglan’s parents and three brothers lived in the southern part of the village, while she lived on the northern side with Luo Jin’an.

Su Binglan’s parents built her house with good wood.

Su Binglan didn’t have time to overthink at the moment since Luo Jin’an’s body was getting colder and colder. She needed to brew the medicine to ease his cold as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Su Binglan’s unique pocket dimension could be of some use. Her pocket dimension had a spiritual spring, and its water possessed miraculous effects. It could heal one’s body.

When Su Binglan finished brewing the medicine, she put it into the spiritual spring water. With that, Luo Jin’an’s body would stabilize.

But after brewing the medicine, Su Binglan couldn’t get it into Luo Jin’an’s mouth no matter how hard she tried since his lips were tightly shut. Even when unconscious, Luo Jin’an was vigilant.

Such vigilance was not something ordinary people would have. It was apparent that Luo Jin’an had gone through professional training.

Nonetheless, Su Binglan didn’t have acupuncture needles in her hands, so she couldn’t use external acupuncture methods to drive out the cold. She could only feed Luo Jin’an medicine.

Moreover, his condition was severe. If he didn’t drink the medicine, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

“Please, wake up, Luo Jin’an. You’re in a terrible condition, and I’m trying to feed you some medicine. Luo Jin’an!”

No matter what Su Binglan said, Luo Jin’an wouldn’t wake up. He only remained unconscious, closing his lips tightly.

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Su Binglan pondered, changed how she addressed him, and whispered, “Please wake up, my dear husband.”

Su Binglan revealed an awkward expression when she called him husband. It was useless to call him that, but she had no choice. She checked Luo Jin’an’s pulse and discovered that he was in grave danger.

Su Binglan couldn’t delay feeding Luo Jin’an the medicine any longer. She focused her mind and drank the medicine. Then she lowered her head and aimed at Luo Jin’an’s lips, feeding him the medicine.

Even though Luo Jin’an was vigilant and his lips were tightly shut, using this method could pry open his teeth, thus creating a way for Su Binglan to feed the medicine to Luo Jin’an.

Su Binglan focused on prying Luo Jin’an’s mouth open and didn’t realize that Luo Jin’an had woken up. When Luo Jin’an opened his eyes, a light glinted across his beautiful eyes.

“Hack!” Luo Jin’an coughed. As soon as he opened his mouth, Su Binglan immediately fed him the medicine. Of course, it was only then that Su Binglan realized that Luo Jin’an had woken up.

When Su Binglan’s eyes met Luo Jin’an’s profound and serene gaze, her expression became awkward. She lowered her head and said, “Y-You had a seizure, and your body was cold. I-I was just trying to feed you some medicine just now.”

“Hack! Ahem!” Luo Jin’an’s cough became more severe.

Su Binglan looked at Luo Jin’an’s pale face, pursed her lips, and explained, “Don’t misunderstand. I only tried to feed you some medicine, but you didn’t open your mouth. That’s why I thought of using this method. I-I didn’t intend to take advantage of you.”