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The Supreme Satanic System

The Supreme Satanic System
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The Supreme Satanic System

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    Summary This is the tale of the time when mighty dragons and legendary phoenixes ruled the world. Under the shadow of such powerful beings, the feeble humans lived lives worse than slaves.1560 BC, JerusalemThe darker-than-ink night sky wasrn asunder by thengues of purple lightning. The nocturnal macabre was augmented even further by a priestess that was busy performing a forbidden ceremony. Around her were six innocent kids that watched the priestess in silence as she performed her ritual with a ceremonial bowl in front of her. A drop of blooduld be seen, making its presence known inside it.The priestess was unperturbed by the earsplitting noises of the incessant lightning outside her abode as she chanted the spell in old Hebrew. The ritual wasmplete when she placed the drop of crimson blood on the tip of herngue and gulped it down with her eyes closed.“Heed my prophecy, my little ones. Fromday onwards, you shall walk on the path of greatness that will make you the rulers of this world.Here, drink this your heart'sntent and unleash the power that is bewed upon you.”She cut her two wrists and filled the bowl the brim with her blood by cutting her wrists. The lightning noisesuld be heard even louder than before at this time.The children obliged and drank the merlot drink one by one. But the macabre of the night was increased even further when the children started shape-shifting. One turned i a vampire, while the other changed i a werewolf. There was a witch among the children now. And being turned i a chimera and an elf were the fates of the other two.The children changed i something else before turning back humans again. This was the phenomenon that happened with five children.But the sixth child remained human. Why did he not shape-shift?------------------------------------------------Tags: System, Vampire, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Werewolf, Slice of Life, Overpowered MC, Harem, Dragons, Phoenix, Witch, Magus, Cultivation, Military, Strategist, Arrogant female leads, Romance, Humor, Assassin, Angels, Celestials, Titan, Devas, Asuras and many more be added with the progress of this arcs.You’re reading “The Supreme Satanic System” on See all Hide

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