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The Tale of the Void Emperor-Novel

The Tale of the Void Emperor-Novel
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The Tale of the Void Emperor-Novel

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    Summary This is not your usual isekai . it has my unique world background, unique power system and i am trying it make it a unique experience for every reader. :) I would really, really and seriously appreciate if everyone reads all free chapters before deciding drop yourins and FPs in this one. Thank you.Athan, a 16-year-old boy, lived until he was killed for a stupid reason. ( stupid reason & more in the prologue:v )But it seems that fate had red different things for him as after death, His soul transmigrated another world inside a dead body of a boy with the same name and same facial features as him.He also found out that a mysterious black whirlpool seemed be inside him andnnected his soul.After the short unfortunate first life, he starts living his snd life with more suffering that he chooses himself get stronger but with that alsomes happiness he had never experienced.A smooth sailing snd life of Athan starts with something mystical inside his body and other benefits of it thatuld make him stronger with some suffering. However...he didn't know that due his soul ( That was supposed return the source of the universe after death but instead, it transmigrated by someone for some purpose and that caused an adverse effect like increasing misfortune on his soul ) The benefits he receives ultimately bmes the source of his snd doom that is even worse than death. But...that's when the future Void emperor is born.-------------------------------------------------------------------I wanted an MC that bmes stronger and reigns supreme without relying on anything external and he achieves his own unique power by virtue of his own hard work and ability. Although he gets benefits in the early stage of the ry, That is the build-up for when he walks on the path he creates for himself.As you read more, it will get better so don't give up after just the first few chapters, At least please read the 2nd volume as The Real adventure starts in Volume 2[ Bloody Universe.] That's why my 103 chapters are free. [note: The First R-18 Chapter is 41. ]This is my first so expect some mistakes but I am striving improvenstantly because writing the ry I play in my mind is so much fun and it's even more fun when people read it and enjoy it.You’re reading “The Tale of the Void Emperor” on See all Hide

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