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The Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin

The Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin
325 Chapters
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The Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin

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    Read The Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin by Cornelia Darwin. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin full chapter at . Genre: Romance Rosalind Jansen, soaked and windblown, rushes through the rain to Peace Hospital clutching a divorce agreement from Leonanda Brooks, her husband of three years. Rosalind is devastated by the unexpected divorce and cannot believe Leonants could be so cruel. She recalls their seven-year journey, from unrequited love to eventual marriage, thinking he still cared. She questions the divorce, especially after their recent intimate encounter. Rosalind arrives at the hospital and stands outside Maria's ward, Leonardo's mother and her mother-in-law. Maria has never treated Rosalind well. Inside the ward, Rosalind overhears Maria berating Leonardo for keeping Rosalind in the family and insists on her removal. Maria despises Rosalind and considers her a disgrace. Rosalind realizes her marriage was a result of a scandalous photo of her and Leonardo entering a hotel room. The scandal damaged the Brooks family's reputation, leading to their marriage for appearances. Leonardo was kind but believed Rosalind manipulated the situation. Maria blames Rosalind for her husband's death. Leonardo assures Maria he's handling the divorce and mentions Rosalind's unborn child. Maria insists that Rosalind signs the divorce agreement and leaves. Rosalind's heartache deepens upon hearing this. As Rosalind contemplates her situation, she encounters Virginia, Leonardo's former love interest. Virginia taunts Rosalind for ruining her plans to marry Leonardo and accuses her of orchestrating Mr. Brooks' death. Virginia reveals she's pregnant with Leonardo's child. Rosalind denies the accusations and confronts Leonardo, hoping to clarify the divorce situation. However, he's angry at her foring to the hospital without informing him. Rosalind shows him the divorce agreement, wanting an explanation. The chapter ends with Rosalind's unresolved questions and emotional turmoil.... Read The Unbreakable Bond By Cornelia Darwin