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The Way of a Demon Lord-Novel

The Way of a Demon Lord-Novel
262 Chapters
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The Way of a Demon Lord-Novel

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    Summary Warning: The ry is exceedingly dark andntains explicit mature and gore scenes.The way of a Demon Lord- since the beginning of time,untless demons dreamt of it but few dared tread on it, and even fewer reached its end. But the rarest of them all were some special demons who were not allowed step on it, because if they were bme a Demon Lord- even the other lords would have bow their heads. Abhorred and hunted by all, theyuld not do anything but hide till their lifespans came an end. But for the first time ever, one such demon chose do otherwise.Follow Adrian Darkheart as he uses his special demonic power, superior intellect and innate brutality walk the path of chaos and destruction and bme the greatest Demon Lord ever. You’re reading “The Way of a Demon Lord” on See all Hide