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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

Chapter 3: Tribulation Essence
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Xi Tianyi shivered not from fear but from pleasure. The lightning arced around his body covering him with a golden glow, causing Tianyi to seem like a thunder spirit that had descended upon the mortal realm.

Walking further in, Tianyi frowned as he discovered himself unable to proceed any further even with his released Foundation Establishment cultivation base. He stretched his hand outward as if catching raindrops. "This lightning is very strange, not formed from nature. It seems to contain a tiny trace of the power of tribulation."

As the lightning battered his body, the pores on his body were opened and broke down the lightning into qi before entering his body. Flashing yellow qi that seemed more like lightning began to circulate through Tianyi's body, but even if it was tyrannical, his body was even more so as it forced the sharp and jagged qi to become smooth and flow like water through his meridians before entering his dantian.

Just as it seemed that the lightning qi would quietly settle in his spiritual sea, it ran amok. "Refining the essence of tribulation isn't that easy after all no matter how weak," Tianyi said as he sat on the ground in a lotus position as he closed his eyes fully concentrating on refining the essence of tribulation.

First the chaotic lightning qi that had been triggered by the tribulation essence within was broken apart into two clumps, one real and one illusory. Having been split at its foundation the amount of power within was the same, but the effect was less than half as effective. Then the two broke, even more, resembling a primordial cloud, at some points wanting to destroy everything and other times seemingly all benevolent and all-encompassing. Tianyi then absorbed this cloud into his spiritual sea, robbing the tribulation essence like robbing a general of his soldiers.

At the end of the day tribulation essence was something born of the Heavenly Dao that governed all realms and Tianyi was still just a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator. Sweat trickled down Tianyi's forehead as he used his spiritual energy to refine the essence while the spiritual qi in his body held it down. It was an excruciatingly long process, but by the end, the first segment of Tianyi's Spiritual Pillar had fully formed and it exuded a slight pressure unique to tribulation lightning.

If there were any other cultivators who saw this, they would have absolutely gawked in disbelief. Even if Tianyi had the Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Vein, such actions could not be explained so simply. Still, luckily for Tianyi, there were no experts nearby, otherwise, he might have been kidnapped for researched. But whether they could survive attempting to kidnap the son of the Sword Empress was another matter altogether.

When Tianyi opened his eyes, he saw numerous lightning attributed beasts closing in upon him. "These beasts, are they spawned from the lightning remnants?" As for why they didn't attack him during his refinement, it was probably because of the lingering tribulation essence that was running rampant. Now the essence had been absorbed and hidden, it was no longer pressuring them, allowing them to brave forward.

Tianyi slapped his head. "I should have been more careful if these beasts really did attack and I had split my attention that would have been bad." Even so, Tianyi leisurely unsheathed the sword on his waist looking rather valiant for his age while awaiting the lightning beast to come forward.

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The first one charged forward but was met with the tip of Tianyi's sword. Just from a single touch, the beast's body shattered, dispersing into lightning and dropping a golden gem onto the ground. Tianyi's eyes shone with interest. But now was not the time. As if on signal all the lightning beasts charged forward from all sides towards the lone human.

But wherever Tianyi's sword passed, the beasts erupted like balloons leaving behind a gem. Although Tianyi was fatigued by the earlier exertion, his strength was still enough to destroy these lightning beasts below the Foundation Establishment realm. But even though over ten had died, the beasts still charged forward no matter the cost, with no fear of death as greed seemed to consume them.

"Are they aiming for my Lightning Spiritual Vein?" Tianyi questioned himself. Although it was a bit troublesome, Tianyi was still happy to comply. Using these beasts that kept attacking to hone the Heartless Sword Art that he cultivated. With the passing of time with each swing of Tianyi's sword, three beasts shattered instead of only one like in the beginning.

Soon all the lightning beasts died leaving behind an assortment of golden gems surrounding Tianyi in a circle, all of them outside of the range of Tianyi's sword. With a wave of his hand and some qi, he stored all of those gems into his shrinking pouch at his waist. Except the one in his hand, the one with the purest gold color that resembled flicking lightning. Tianyi walked back while he observed the gem in his hand. Although he had used the lightning beasts earlier to train his sword skills, being endlessly assaulted wasn't really a good feeling.

"Hmmm, this is lightning attribute qi. But there's no essence of tribulation within. It would make sense as they seemed to be born from the remnants of lightning. Although I had already thought of this earlier when they refused to approach me, when I still had tribulation essence in my dantian, this is still disappointing." Even though Tianyi said this the gem in his hand shattered, having lost all energy. Tianyi did not bring another one out as he strolled out of the lightning sea towards Pan Lanyue once more.

Tianyi looked at the sky, at least where the sky was as the whole area was covered in mist, but judging by the amount of light passing through, "I should have spent at least a few hours right?"

Tianyi smiled at Lanyue and glanced at the Core Formation realm elder next to her. "Big sister, Elder Kun."

The elder of the Fleeting Mist Sect finally released a sigh of relief at seeing Tianyi come back out unharmed. Although Elder Shan just laughed it off and said nothing would happen If something were to truly happen, the one who would take the blame would be their Fleeting Mist Sect.

"Little brother Tianyi!" However, unlike Elder Kun, Pan Lanyue was still rather angry as her eyes glared at Tianyi. "Do you know how dangerous the Lightning Sea is!? Although this time you may have come out unharmed, the next time you might be crippled or even lose your life!"

Tianyi looked at Lanyue, revealing a sheepish smile as he hid his lower face behind the fan that Sect Master Yun had gifted him. "Big sister, the Lightning Sea is rather good. I like it a lot. It's beneficial for my cultivation. I might return inside."

"Beneficial for your cultivation?" Pan Lanyue finally sensed something different as she looked deeply at Tianyi. "Eighth level of the Qi Gathering realm!?"

Elder Kun who also finally noticed the difference was also rather speechless. "Eighth level, a ten-year-old at the eighth level of the Qi Gathering realm." In all the history of the Fleeting Mist Sect, the youngest person to achieve the Foundation Establishment realm was already in their late thirties, but judging by the speed of the youth before him. He had a chance to reach it before reaching twenty, making Elder Kun could only sigh in admiration and helplessness. With such talents, no wonder the hegemon of the Heaven Continent could reign supreme eternally.

Lanyue herself was already an exception, also having a chance to reach the Foundation Establishment in her twenties, but she had been meticulously groomed and even used all sorts of nature formed treasures given by the Sect Master. If Elder Kun were to know that Tianyi was already in the Foundation Establishment realm, who knows what sort of faces he would make.

As for Lanyue, she did not have the same disbelief in her eyes. The way she saw it, she herself reached the tenth level of Qi Gathering at a young age. So for Tianyi to be more outstanding, it would not cause as deep a shock, only a thought that was "As expected of a disciple of the Buzhou Immortal Sect" appeared in her mind.

And so Tianyi under the disbelieving gazes of the Fleeting Mist Sect returned to the Lightning Sea, sometimes even disappearing for several days at a time.

In this manner three months later, Tianyi once again exited the Lightning Sea. The gazes of the disciples who once had openly gawked at him were no longer apparent as they had long gotten used to the sight. Perhaps those weaker outer disciples who had managed to attain a chance to cultivate in the mist would be shocked at this point.

Tianyi happily fanned himself, his mood exceptional. He had constructed the second segment of his Spiritual Pillars, his progress faster than he had thought. He licked his lips, wondering how long he could use the Lightning Sea for. He couldn't hope for Elder Shan to accompany him just so he could use the Lightning Sea in the Fleeting Mist Sect. Luckily, it seems that Elder Shan will stay at least a few more months.

"Little brother."

Tianyi smiled as he saw Lanyue approach him. Out of all the disciples Tianyi interacted with, Lanyue was the only one he maintained constant contact with. First those under twenty, none of them were above the fifth stage of the Qi Gathering realm, and those over were all middle-aged men in Tianyi's eyes. Not pleasing at all. "Yes, big sister?"

"I'm going to visit my royal father before going to Jinyang City, want to come?" Lanyue asked.

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Tianyi's eyes shined. Since arriving in this world he had only lived in the Buzhou Immortal Sect, never leaving. And in the Fleeting Mist Sect, it was far incomparable to the Buzhou Immortal Sect. Had it not been for the Lightning Sea, Tianyi would already have thoughts of wanting to return. But the allure of seeing the outside world was indeed very big for Tianyi. "Let me ask Elder Shan."

Elder Shan naturally had hesitations, as he had to aid his friend Sect Master Yun, and couldn't leave to protect Tianyi. But Tianyi assured him that with the defensive treasure his mother provided him, even if he was knocked out a Nascent Soul realm cultivator wouldn't be able to harm him, Elder Shan relented.

With a smile, Tianyi followed Pan Lanyue and a group of Fleeting Mist disciples down the mountain. They naturally did not walk on foot and instead rode upon a white crane with black-tipped wings led by Elder Peng.

"Little brother Tianyi, Elder Peng is one half of the KunPeng duo along with Elder Kun." Lanyue explained as she saw Tianyi observe the elder of the Fleeting Mist Sect. "When working together with Elder Kun, the KunPeng Duo is said to be able to rival a Nascent Soul Elder."

"…that's impressive." Tianyi finally said. In fact, Tianyi was wondering why Elder Peng was accompanying Pan Lanyue to the royal capital and Jinyang City. The Fleeting Mist Sect was known as the hegemon of the surrounding area, including the Pan Kingdom. If they really wanted to protect Pan Lanyue, they would only need to send a Foundation Establishment elder. Of course, it could be that the sect was extremely invested in Pan Lanyue's safety.

But Tianyi thought there was a deeper meaning but "Well, not like it had anything to do with me." With those thoughts, Tianyi merrily followed along.

The Pan Kingdom could be said to be rather prosperous having numerous Qi Gathering realm cultivators. Tianyi even detected some formations protecting the larger estates. But without any time to explore, Tianyi was led into the castle in the center.

Inside he saw two people waiting, both men. One was a man with speckled hair wearing a crown on his head, Pan Feng, the current king of the Pan Kingdom, and a younger man who bore a similar appearance. Pan Lanri looked to be in his early thirties and emitted the qi that resembled the vast ocean, a hallmark of a Spiritual Pillar Foundation Establishment realm cultivator.

Lanyue introduced Tianyi to them, but Tianyi only returned words that were dictated by manners seeming distant and unapproachable. Lanyue could only helplessly watch this. The reason Tianyi treated her well was because her cultivation was similar and a genius as well as the relationship between their elders. She had even seen outer disciples of her sect acting arrogant to second-rate powers in the Pan Kingdom, nothing needed to be mentioned of a disciple from Buzhou Immortal Sect. Conversing could already be said to be giving them face.

After spending a night, the group quickly departed from the royal capital towards Jinyang.

Compared to the Crimson Winged Eagle, the white crane was far inferior. But this allowed Tianyi to observe the happenings below, such as the fight between beasts, cultivators against beasts, and even cultivators against cultivators.

If they were in the Qi Gathering realm, they would not be able to sense the group, if they were in the Foundation Establishment realm they would pause and warily observe the group until the group left, and if they were in the Core Formation realm? Tianyi didn't know because Core Formation realm cultivators were extremely rare in this region!