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Tragic life of the Prince

Tragic life of the Prince
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Tragic life of the Prince

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    Summary Ralf, a transmigrr from Earth, finds himself amid a power struggle for the throne of the Kingdom of Marer when the King falls ill.His brothers are all vying for the position of the next king, with only the vir surviving while the rest are killed.As thempetition heats up, the princes bme increasingly ruthless, willing sacrifice anything gain the upper hand, even their women.But with so much at stake, can he trust anyone, even those closest him?As the battle for the throne intensifies, Ralf must grapple with his moralmpass and decide what kind of ruler he wants be.Will he follow in the footsteps of his brothers and sacrifice everything for power, or will he forge his path and create a better future for the Kingdom of Marer?I know many of you would run away by seeing the NTR tag but even if you don't like NTR, I still urge you read it as this ry is different, you will understand once you check it out.Just remember, There is no Mc in this ry, it's a bunch of characters who are fighting for the throne and are ready sacrifice anything for it. You’re reading “Tragic life of the Prince” on See all Hide