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Transmigrating To Ancient Times With A Kitchen

Transmigrating To Ancient Times With A Kitchen
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Transmigrating To Ancient Times With A Kitchen

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    Summary When a gas tank exploded, Jian Qingqing transmigrated i the body of a little girl who had just died of starvation. Looking at the skinny, starving family living in a worn-down house that did little shield them from the rainrm outside, Jian Qingqing felt that she would soon die again. But she hadn’t expected her kitchen follow her through time. Looking at the abundance of supplies in it, Jian Qingqing’s eyes lit up. Great! She wasn’t going die this time!Using the supplies in the kitchen, Jian Qingqing led her family as they opened up the land for farming and building houses. Unexpectedly, the high-yield grains led the entireuntry out of poverty. Everyone praised Miss Jian as a God that had descended earth! She developed a method processarse salt i fine salt so that peopleuld eat it with ease. The Emperor’s face was filled with tears as he said, “Miss Jian is really my lucky star!”In the end, the whole world was unified and shouted, “All of this is due Miss Jian’s hard work!”Jian Qingqing said, “I just like grow crops. I didn’t do anything!”After her success, Jian Qingqing planned find a nice, obedient husband bring home. But what was up with the legendary prince who was ruthless, indifferent, anduld p children from crying? Why was he always appearing beside her?Ming Zhiyan said, “I’m nice and obedient. Why don’t you marry me, Qingqing?”Looking at the man who was clearly a wolf pretending be an obedient dog, Jian Qingqing fell i deep thought. You’re reading “Transmigrating Ancient Times With A Kitchen” on See all Hide