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Two Times The Charm Novel (Clara and Emmett)

Two Times The Charm Novel (Clara and Emmett)
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Two Times The Charm Novel (Clara and Emmett)

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    Read Two Times The Charm (Clara and Emmett) by Mr. Wilson. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereTwo Times The Charm (Clara and Emmett) by Mr. Wilson full chapter at . Artist: Clara and Emmett... Genre: Romance Clara, a woman with a secret, clings tightly to a doctor's hand, begging him to keep her secret. She fears for her life if the secret is revealed. Five years later, in a city, Clara is a loving mother to her son, Alex. She prepares his favorite breakfast on his first day of school and urges him to wake up. Alex protests but eventually gets ready for school. Alex expresses disappointment that his parents haven't taken him to the amusement park as promised. Clara tries to explain, but Alex remains unsatisfied. He prepares for school and sneaks his piggy bank and some candies into his school bag. Meanwhile, a black Bentley drives through the city, occupied by a man named Emmett Melendez, a successful businessman and heir to the Melendez family. He's known for his good looks and rumored to dislike women. He has a child named Aiden, whose mother is unknown. Aiden is refusing to eat until he sees his mother. Emmett dismisses Aiden's threat to starve himself, and his assistant, Matt, informs him of Aiden's stubbornness. Emmett's mother, Sophia, calls him in tears, revealing that she has lost Aiden.... Read Two Times The Charm .