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Ultragene Warlord

Chapter 34: Yun Bings Probing
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Chapter 34: Yun Bing's Probing

With this announcement, Chu Xiu's basic gene capacity increased by ten.

A breakthrough! The breakthrough really did happen!?But before Chu Xiu could react, the assassin that had struck him bound him and took him away. Despite his breakthrough, Chu Xiu simply couldn't do anything against him. The power disparity was simply too large.

If not for the fact that the assassin was going easy on him, Chu Xiu would be dead by now.

The elite 'assassins' were all clan hunters who had reached their mutated gene capacity and had developed their genetic techniques to a considerable extent. They were naturally capable of handling rookies like Chu Xiu.

They were instructed to do what they did for one purpose only: to have these rookies experience a chilling life-or-death situation. They didn't know—and didn't need to know—the reason why.

Following Chu Xiu, the other five hunters also each barely evaded a killing blow, but unfortunately, except for one hunter from the Yun clan who had broken through like Chu Xiu, none of the remaining four did.

After approximately five minutes, when they all walked out of the training ground, Yun Bing and Chu Feng both glanced at them anxiously. By their side, Zhang Lie smiled, perfectly confident.

"Young Master, it worked! Chu Xiu managed to achieve a breakthrough!" Chu Lan exclaimed exuberantly.

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"Miss, our Yun Yi had a breakthrough too!" Beside her, Yun Gang did the same, not wanting to lose out to her.

Yun Bing and Chu Feng both finally relaxed.?It succeeded, it really had! This supposed breakthrough really was real!?In truth, Yun Bing and Chu Feng had both harbored some doubts about the process, because they knew just what this breakthrough would imply: the dawn of a new era, of exceeding one's base limits!

They rushed up to Chu Xiu and Yun Yi, who had just broken through.

"How are you feeling now, Chu Xiu?" Chu Feng asked.

"My supply of genetic energy has increased greatly, and all my senses and constitution have been enhanced. My body feels amazing! That master was right: the effect of the breakthrough really does feel far superior to obtaining ten more mutated gene fragments!"

Chu Xiu felt as though he was in a dream, but the changes to his body reminded him over and over again that this was all real. A breakthrough really was possible, and he had done it!

And while Yun Yi, who was beside him, didn't say anything, Yun Bing was able to confirm the breakthrough with her senses and with the excitement glimmering in his eyes. Honestly, she could barely believe it herself!

"Now that they've successfully broken through, shall we settle our accounts?" Zhang Lie's mercantile voice immediately dampened the cheery atmosphere.

Chu Feng and Yun Bing both turned toward him, their eyes piercing. The effect of the breakthrough was so stunning that they were all curious about who this mysterious cloaked man really was.

"What's the matter? Don't you know it's impolite to stare?" Zhang Lie couldn't help making a joke.

"We're outside the settlement grounds, and we now understand the breakthrough procedure. What's there to stop us from refusing you payment?" Chu Feng responded, half-jokingly.

Zhang Lie smiled. "Don't frighten me, Young Master Chu—I get scared quite easily! Of course, in that case, I wouldn't be able to get anything more from you, but what if I were to release this method to the public? In that case, it seems like you'd lose far more than I would."

In truth, Zhang Lie wasn't afraid that the Yun and Chu clans wouldn't pay up, since he had stockpiled the bottleneck in the procedure. Following the terms of the transaction would be far more beneficial to the Yun and Chu clans than to him.

Furthermore, he had already obtained three million points from them so far, and that alone was worth the trouble. If they wanted to renege on the contract, so would he.

"Oh? ?But are you certain that you would be able to leave without our permission?" Yun Bing's eyes glinted as genetic energy bubbled out of her body.

Upon seeing her behavior, the Yun and Chu elites quickly gathered around them.

"Haha, Miss Yun Bing, honestly, you're a rather bad actor. Ignoring the fact that you're lacking any sign of killing intent, are you sure you'll be able to take me down? Do I look like someone who hasn't accounted for this possibility?"

Zhang Lie pulled out a black potion from his potbellied-toad pouch. The moment he did so, everyone present, including Yun Bing and Chu Feng, felt a premonition of exceeding danger.

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This was undoubtedly his backup plan if something were to go awry.

Even without Yun Bing or Chu Feng's commands, the gathered hunters stopped trying to crowd Zhang Lie in. The unknown was the most fearsome thing of all, and the man in front of them was so mysterious that, despite Yun Bing and Chu Feng's strength, even they didn't dare step closer to him.

Yun Bing immediately retracted her genetic energy, afraid that Zhang Lie would accidentally uncork the black potion in his hand.

"Alright, alright, put that away! It looks like I was right: your finding Chu Lan wasn't a coincidence at all, was it?" Chu Feng waved his hands, indicating that his and Yun Bing's behavior was just a joke.

"Oh? ?Why don't you ask this Chu Lan whether I reached out to her, or whether she refused to stop chasing me until I told her about my circumstances? Furthermore, shouldn't you be grateful for this opportunity? Isn't it in poor taste to be trying to probe me?"

Zhang Lie talked Chu Feng into stunned silence, still waving his potion bottle about.

Yun Bing smiled. "Aren't you a mysterious fellow? I must admit to some curiosity as to what's underneath that cloak."

Zhang Lie smirked. "You think you can handle me?"

Under ordinary circumstances, Yun Bing would have scoffed and turned away from this ribald teasing, but against Zhang Lie, she only laughed. "Is that so? You do seem to be quite confident in your charm. In that case, why not reveal your true appearance?"

Zhang Lie clicked his tongue. "Perhaps we can discuss that some other time, after we've finished this transaction."

"Indeed. I?am?quite shocked by the efficacy of this breakthrough, but it doesn't seem to have a high probability of success. Will those hunters who failed have a second chance?" Yun Bing asked the most pressing question on everyone's minds.

After all, this was what would determine whether this breakthrough could be manufactured en masse.