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Unexpected Encounter: A Second Chance at Love

Unexpected Encounter: A Second Chance at Love
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Unexpected Encounter: A Second Chance at Love

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    Summary After being abandoned by her long time boyfriend on their wedding day, Rachael lost all her faith in love and relationships. But that changed when she met Andrew again.With no hope of finding love again in her life, Rachael agreed marry her father's best friend's son, Andrewllins. But little did she know fate had different plans for her.…..Excerpt:Holding his drunk wife in his arms, Andrew kicked the bedroom door open.When he placed her in the bed, Rachael slowly opened her eyes. “Are we home?”“Yes.” Taking her heels off, hevered her with the quilt. “I'll get you some warm water.” But before heuld get up, she grabbed his hand.“What happened? Do you want something else?”Kicking the quilt off, she crawled in his lap. Placing one hand on his cheek and the other at the back of his neck, she inched closer. “Andrew—”“Hmm?”“I think I am falling for you, what should I do?” You’re reading “Unexpected Eunter: A Snd Chance at Love” on See all Hide