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Unlimited Items Shop System

Unlimited Items Shop System
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Unlimited Items Shop System

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    Summary Ye Kai was born with a weak body, spending his days with his mother and sister. on such a day he heard a ding voice and got Unlimited Item Shop System, where he can buy anything.The first thing Ye Kai buys from his Unlimited Item Shop System is Lust System, make his fantasy true, where he is having sex with his mother and sisters.---The ry is slow-paced so I will increase the pace from Dark Sky City Arc, so someone doesn't like slow paces then read it till the Dark Sky City ArcThird, if you think MC is beta then it's only in front of his mother, otherwise, he doesn't care about other people except for his family, and he is...pretty much ruthlesswards the people. You’re reading “Unlimited Items Shop System” on See all Hide

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