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Untamed: The Alpha

Untamed: The Alpha
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Untamed: The Alpha

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    Summary TW: DARK ROMANCE FANTASY================He was Chaos, the shattering soul that was deemed wreak havoc and the cause of thousands of deaths.Fear was a cloak that engulfed his existence.He didn’t want anything except find every piece of his damn soul, until the little white wolf entered his life. He wanted her.Chaos didn’t care if he had spill blood more than necessary, still he wanted her.“You will put yourself in a battle against them,” He said begrudgingly. “Give up the girl.”Yet, he stared i his eyes and he knew he wouldn’t be able change his decision, as if it was already written on the ne.“The girl stays.uch her and I will show them what Chaos is.”..... You’re reading “Untamed: The Alpha” on See all Hide