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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 16: Three years
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Time passed. Three years went by.

Lith was now six years old and he was currently sucking his mother's milk on one side and Lucy was on her mother's other side. Both were slowly drinking milk from their mother while Lilith was caressing their hair and looking at them gently.

In these past three years, Lith did nothing but practice sword. His body was growing so he had to adapt accordingly to his movements. It may take him two or three more years to fully master the sword and he can start with the other weapons then. After practicing sword, he had bath with his big sister and their mother used to join too.

Later at night, Lith would suck his mother's blood and he couldn't do it for more than a few seconds. He could barely make it to drink his mother's milk and used to sleep due to exhaustion. One day, he asked his mother why he feels full after drinking her blood for only a few seconds, to which she simply said "Mother is very strong." and made a smug look while striking a double bicep pose like a macho man. I didn't ask anymore because I understood.

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She is a supreme rank, so her blood would definitely be very powerful and I am no more than a small Vampire who hasn't even begun his magic journey. After so much effort I found her pleasure point and I couldn't even stay awake. Okay, I agree, I didn't put any effort and found it accidentally but still, I couldn't even stay awake to look at her expression. After trying and enduring very hard everyday, I finally found a trick.

Even though the blood tastes so heavenly, I stop drinking it after just a second. I then pause a bit and drink again for a second. So, drink, stop, pause, repeat. This was the routine I did and I could feel full after a long while later and also I could stay awake for longer and have my time playing with her boobs. Everyday, without even glancing at the naked body of my beautiful mother and sleeping due to exhaustion was a big sin. Only an idiot would do that. So, I had to improvise and adapt. Mother didn't mind it either. I asked her if she felt any pain while me biting her, she simply chuckled a little and bit me on my neck. I thought it would pain but when she sucked my blood a little from me, it felt....heavenly!

It felt so good and I can only describe it as probably having a big orgasm? I don't know, I was only a nineteen year old virgin back in my previous life. But yes, somewhere along those line. It didn't hurt at all and it just feels tingly when mother bit me. I now understand, she also likes it when I bite her on the neck.

So, three years passed just like that. I trained, sucked my mother's blood and slept and repeated the routine daily. Of course we also had a lot of kisses and I played with her boobs everyday and anytime, anywhere I could. I even shamelessly used to play with my big sister's boobs when she used to carry me to the training arena. She was a little embarrassed at first but then got used to my touches. So, I could now play with both my mother's and my sister's breast to my heart's content.

During these years, at night, my big sister used to come and sleep with us occasionally and in the morning when I used to get up and have my fill of milk, mothed used to force big sis to drink her milk too. She used to struggle at first but then she got used to it. This became a habit of her. I didn't mind it either because I got another pair of breasts which belonged to my big sister to play while drinking milk from the beautiful big breasts of my mother. While drinking milk from mother, I used to remove Lucy's boobs out of her dress and kneaded them into whatever shape I desired. At first, it wasn't easy because my hands were small and so I could only play with one of her breast but mother being the crazy lady she is, she put me on her stomach and nearer to Lucy so I can play well with her. I was very surprised but happy too. I gave my mother a kiss on her lips as a thankyou for it. Lucy liked it when I played with her breasts too or else she would've struggled or atleast put up some resistance to my advances.

Currently, we were drinking milk from the breasts of our dear mother and I was also fondling my big sister's boobs. My hand now could reach her easily. I didn't get too tall in these three years or is it that my mother and sister are just too tall that my growth seems insignificant? I do not know. I could now finally reach my mother's buttocks if I grab her from behind. It was just barely enough to have my face stuffed in her back and to get a sniff of her pink slit. Of course to test my height, I purposefully hugged her from behind during bath in the morning when we both were naked. She smelled really good. She had a very light yet very fragrant scent of roses. It smelled a little sweet too.

I even hugged my big sister during bath after training so I could differentiate the scent and compare them a little. My big sister smelled like roses too but it was on the stronger and more fragrant side unlike my mother. This strong smell was very suitable for warriors who do tough battle. Well, it suits my big sister, because she's a battle maniac. I've seen her sparring with the maids and knights of the castle. At first, I was shocked to find out that the maids in the castle being so strong. Heck, the maid who was driving the carriage for us to the merchant district was on par with my sister! A goddamn king rank is a mere maid here! I don't know if king ranks are so easy to find or if it's just my mother but I realised one thing very well and that is, only the strongest can have such treatment.

After sucking milk from mother and playing with my big sister's boobs to my heart's content, I got up and kissed mother on the lips and also gave my big sister a kiss on her lips. Mother after kissing me, kissed big sister on her lips. I got down from bed and came in front of a body mirror. The mirror was very big. I removed my clothes and threw it away and looked at myself in the mirror. I had no sense of shame in front of my mother and big sister. It felt very normal. I think I got this from my mother. She, after breastfeeding us, would get up and hold both us by our waist and carry us to the bath. She was naked the whole time. After bath too, she would dry us up first, then get herself dried and then would walk naked to the wardrobe as if it were a trivial thing.

I looked at myself in the mirror and find that I have a lot of baby fat on me but it doesn't make me look fat or puffy instead it just feels like a child who plays around a lot. I do not have well developed muscles yet nor is chiseled. It is just toned a little, that's it. I too like my mother and big sister have silver hair and purple eyes. It's definitely a family thing I think.

Lilith looked at Lith looking himself in the mirror naked and felt a little amused. She got up and walked over to him, of course, naked.

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One child, on lady were looking themselves in the mirror. Both having silver hair and purple eyes. They definitely looked like a mother son pair. The lady then carried the child in her arms and it would have felt very wholesome if it weren't for the fact that they were naked.

Lucy looking at her little brother and mother, who were looking at the mirror naked was trying very hard to make a decision of ,to join them or not. After no more than a second later, her clothes were now on the ground and she walked near them, naked.

Now, two ladies and one child in one of the lady's arms were looking at the mirror, all three of them in their birthday suits. All three of them had silver hair and purple eyes and looked very similar to each other. The young lady who looked in her early 20s looked like a younger version of the lady in her early 30s and the child, he looked like a male, child version of the older lady. The young lady's breast also looked a lot similar to that of the older lady but just a little less in size. Her curves and her body too was similar and she was a little smaller as a whole as compared to the older lady. She looked like a mini younger version of the older lady.

"Mom, we look so similar." Lucy said smiling.

"Yes, dear. After all you both were born from me. You know from where you came out of me right? Or do you want mom to point it out for you?" Lilith smiled and teased Lucy again. She won't let go of any chance to see the cute reaction of her daughter.

And like Lilith expected, Lucy got embarrassed and hugged Lilith from the side and covered her red face in her mother's bosoms. Lilith hugged her daughter by the waist while carrying her son in her arms and giggled after looking at her reaction. Lith was used to his mother's antics and didn't find it surprising any more. He simply giggled along with her.

His mother and big sister didn't change in these six years at all. Only he was growing little by little.