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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 17: Wings
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Lilith, Lucy and Lith were walking towards the arena. Lith as usual was in Lucy's arms during their walk to the arena. His mother and sister got in tacit consensus that Lith will be carried by Lucy everyday to the arena in her arms. Lilith could have him to herself later at any time.

Lith, like usual, was fondling his sister's boobs while they were walking to the arena. He's gotten a little stronger due to all that training. Him pinching, twisting and pulling her nipples had gotten a little stronger. If it were any normal lady in her stead, she would've been moaning because of this now but alas, who was Lucy? She was the daughter of the strongest being. This much amount of effort was nothing to her. Heck, she didn't even feel a tickle because of it. It didn't stop Lith though. He was enjoying himself. Looking at Lith smiling and enjoying his time playing with her breasts, Lucy was happy too. She enjoyed looking at her little brother's happy expression. She too, like her mother, never misses any opportunity of spoiling him.

The arrived at the arena and this time Lilith didn't go and sit aside. She was standing here too with Lucy. I looked at her, clearly confused.

"Today we'll be helping you open up your wings, dear." Lilith looked at Lith and said smiling, after looking at his confused face.

Wings? What do you mean open up? Isn't this done automatically? Since when did it become a manual thing?

"Yes, today I ll be cheering for you and mother will be doing your training." Lucy nodded and said as a matter of factly.

I won't lie, I was a little excited. It's not everyday that you get training from such a strong being. My big sister said she'll train me first, so I didn't get a chance to ask my mother for it. If she didn't say anything, I would've asked mother for it. Well, I am not strong and I went whatever my sister had in store for me. I believe in her and my mother also didn't stop her, she was qualified enough to teach me. Actually, she was overqualified.

I've been surfing the internet and I read how hard life is for people here in the world with no strong background. Some commoners who got super strong even made blogs and posts giving tips and tricks to the people who were just starting their magical journey. There were many books available to read too. The no.1 book about magic for rank 1 mages was "Magic for dummies" by an author called YourDaddy. The name had been very controversial but after going through the book the newbies worshipped the author like a read dad. YourDaddy had written a guide book upto saint rank and the books were free to read upto rank 6. The other ones could be purchased.

There was digital currency available too and people could transfer money from bank to bank. Robbing was also interesting here.

I read a comment in the comment section of a video titled "Rob anyone in 60 seconds" which was about a troll and goblin teaching how to sneak and steal stuff from people in a forest, the comment went along the line

"These two are the bastards who robbed me! They stole my clothes and spatial ring while I was bathing near the pond and threatened me, saying that they'll bring around a bunch of boys and girls and have them take my nude pictures and post it on the internet! This is cyber bullying! I had to transfer 5 fucking gold coins just for my normal clothes! These were all my savings and bastards didn't even give me my spatial ring and left! I ll kill you, if I meet you next time!" It was by a guy named zehram zin who had the profile picture of a tree. The replies to his comment went as follows:

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"Lolololol, what an idiot! Who comments such a thing, hahahahhahaha!"

"Bwahahahahha, this idiot, XDDDD"

"The next time you come across such bullies, please make sure to politely decline them with giving money because you didn't consent it. Please say no to bullies."

"I wonder what was in this dude's mind when he made this comment."

"I think it's an elf who doesn't understand society well enough. Instead of making fun of him we should be helping him and giving tips. Let us come together and make the world a better place."

"Shut up, party pooper."

"We should spread kindness. #NoHate #MakePeaceNotWar #OnlyLove #Peace "

The commente sure were interesting.

Mother came forward and squatted and looked at me in the eyes, she held my face with both her hands and said gently and lovingly "It's going to hurt a little my baby. Please tell mama, if you can't bear it okay?"

What? It'll hurt? Alright I ll brace myself then.

I simply nodded. She gave me a long kiss and stood up and went behind me. She put her hand on my back and looked at me worriedly and asked "Ready?"

I nodded.

Something started happening. I could feel something on my back. It was tingling, it was burning, it was cold but it wasn't something unbearable. All these feelings, they started to get amplified. It started hurting me now. I gritted my teeth and coped up with the pain. It really hurt a lot. I started sweating.

On the side of Lilith, she was looking at her dear son with a very worried face. She would stop if her son showed even the slightest discomfort but looking at him bearing the pain and allowing his mother to do what she wanted to, she didn't have the heart to stop the process. Lucy was looking very worried at this moment too. She very much wanted to go in and help but she knew that her mother was more than enough. Still, she was also in pain looking at her brother's pained face.

The back of Lith started wriggling, the tingling sensation that Lith felt also intensified to a very high degree. Gradually, black dots started appearing on his back perpendicular to his spine and below his scapula. Two dots were beside Lilith's two fingers which were on Lith's back. They kept growing and growing until they started taking shapes of a wing. A bat wing to be precise. Lith was almost at his limit now. His body was shaking due to him feeling a myriad of sensations on his back.

"Hold on dear, just a little bit more and we are done." Lilith's soothing and gentle voice came into Lith's ear. He was already at his very limit but he still tried to control himself.

The wings kept growing and all of a sudden...



Lith's wing grew out to it's maximum potential when Lilith tapped Lith's back with her two fingers. He screamed on top of it's lung due to the unbearable pain given by Lilith's tap and his wings grew 10 meters long and 3 meters wide and went out of control. They started flapping on their own and created a sonic explosion due to the sheer immensity of them flapping.

Lilith quickly released a little bit of her aura and restrained Lith on the spot. The explosion created a crater around where Lith was standing. Lith after feeling unbearable pain suddenly found a soothing and cool sensation flowing in his body from his back. It felt as if the pain never existed. He tried to turn around and look for his mother but he realised he couldn't move.

Lilith's aura which she released not only restrained Lith but also helped him cope up with the pain. She was teary after she heard her child's pained cry but she still did her best to help him. She now put her palm in the center of Lith's wings and helped him in stabilizing it.

The wings which were flapping at a very fast rate gradually slowed down. After a while they stopped flapping and started getting retracted back into Lith's back.

A few minutes later Lith's back was back to being normal. It was as if no change took place.

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Lilith after stabilizing Lith's wing quickly went on her knees and hugged Lith.

"Mama is very sorry dear." Lilith said sniffing and holding her tears.

Lith knew that his overprotective mother felt that it was her fault for giving him so much pain and she felt guilty because of it. He felt really warm in his heart. His mother truly loved him very much. She was very hard on herself. He too was about to tear up but he held it in. He held his mother's face with both of his hands and wiped the tear which was threatening to leak out from her eyes and gave her a long and loving kiss on her lips. He then hugged her and said while patting her back

"Mama, don't cry, it was not your fault. The pain was only for a moment and I felt better very quickly all thanks to you. I actually instinctively yelled because I panicked a little. I am sorry for causing you so much pain."

Lilith, with red eyes, pulled herself back from the hug and looked at her son and gave a him kiss on his forehead and said "Don't worry dear, this won't happen again. Mama will make sure that this never repeats."

I simply shook my head and said "mama this is inevitable. I'll have to feel pain in the future too. These are all experiences I'll need to have. This'll only make me stronger. Please don't be so hard on yourself." I gave her another kiss on her lips and hugged her, hoping she would calm down.

Lilith knew that her son had to experience pain and he needs to go through these things but she still couldn't help it. When she heard her son's painful cry she felt a stabbing pain in her heart. She eventually calmed down after hearing her son's own heartfelt words.

Lucy who was watching on the other side also felt pained after hearing her dear brother's cry. She wanted to help him but stopped herself from doing so because she trusted her mother very much. It took a lot of willpower for her to not just rush down there and help him. Tears were leaking out of her eyes but she didn't go. She then watched her mother stabilizing him and him comforting his mother instead of her doing it. She smiled looking at her brother's behavior. He was right. She was too overprotective and thus very hard on herself.

She remembered that once, to train, she went into the wilderness of the Dragon continent where there were a lot of ferocious beasts roaming.

The Dragon continent had the most ferocious beasts out of all the continents due to them emitting their natural dragon aura and the wildlife there absorbing and benefiting from it. This continent had the most number of beasts who gained sentience every year. Lucy was beaten by a beast almost to half death but somehow managed to survive.

She, for one, didn't know what to do, so she activated her emergency teleportation scroll and went to her mother. Her mother after looking at her condition was enraged. She was was so angry that she released her aura in full power causing almost all the people in the castle to die. Fortunately the Queen's district was very big and empty or else more death would've occurred.

Lilith after taking care of her daughter directly rushed to the place where Lucy was injured. She didn't think even once and wiped out an area of 100,000 km² in rage. She was very enraged and would've wiped out the whole Dragon continent out of the world's map if it weren't for Lucy's timely arrival and asking her to calm down. The castle maids knew of their Queen's anger, so they quickly persuaded Lucy and asked her to help them stop her. Lucy quickly went over to her mother and calmed her down.

The Dragons unknowingly brought upon a calamity on themselves and luckily evaded it. After some people reported that a huge area of land was destroyed along with all the living creatures in it, an investigation was done by Dragon authorities and they found out that it was done by the Vampire Queen. It was reported to the higher ups and the authorities quickly got a notice that the case was to be closed immediately and all evidences were to be destroyed and no information should leak out about this. It was an order from the Dragon Emperor and Empress themselves and the authorities panicked and quickly got to work.

The higher ups of the Dragon continent knew to never to mess even the slightest with the Vampire Queen. They could offend their ancestors and the whole world if needed but never her. The were relived to find out that she withdrew from the worldly affairs 10,000 years ago but never thought that she had a daughter whom she was looking after and that she could wipe out such a big piece of land by without even working a little bit.

A decree was passed that nobody is to mess with the people of Clan Evure of the Vampires at all costs. This was spread to every higher ups of every race in the world. The exception being the Vampires themselves.

The world was in little chaos once again due to just one move of the strongest Vampire in history!