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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 23: Thirteen
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Lilith and Lucy, two silver hair and purple eyed siblings, looked at their mother's seductive figure and blushed visibly. They both literally almost looked the same as their mother but still couldn't help but feel that their mother was just too beautiful and on top of that the pose she was in, made her look a lot sexy.

She was sitting with her back resting on the back rest of the bed and she had spread her legs wide. Wide enough that her pink lower lips parted a little. This pose, along with her seductive and charming voice totally opposite to her motherly figured caused both the inexperienced virgins to tremble in embarrassment. Even the thick skinned Lith could feel his face burning with embarrassment. Both of them didn't dare to look at their mother in her eyes.

Lilith covered her mouth with one hand and tried to hold in her laughter after looking at her children's cute faces. She was enjoying every moment of it. She looked at them intently, hoping to burn this scene into her mind and remember this forever.

Lith quickly composed himself by realizing his dream. That's right, his dream as of now was to bed both his big sister and mother. This was officially the first step. He then without waiting for his big sister, made his move. Lith went to his mother and got on his knees. He started sucking milk out of her boobs and pinched her other nipple with his one hand. His other free hand went downwards towards his mother's secret garden.

Lilith was surprised to see her son taking the lead over her daughter. She gasped after feeling his touch in nether region. She got wet instantly after his a of his strokes on her lower lips. It was too exciting for her! She held her son's face and started kissing him passionately. Lith kissed his mother, kneaded one of her breast and was now rubbing her clit with two of fingers.

"Mhfm....nhghhn..." his mother's muffled moans came into his ears.

Lucy looked at her mother and brother kissing passionately and remembered that a few moments ago, her mother was doing the same thing to her. She blushed remembering it. She had never felt so good!

Lith broke the kiss and a bridge made of saliva was formed in between his and Lilith's lips. He stopped rubbing her pussy and went over to his big sister. Lilith was a little disappointed to look at him go away like that.

Lith went to his sister and whispered something in her ear. Lucy blushed hearing her brother's words but nodded her head in a cute manner. Her face a little red.

She crawled to her mother's side and sat behind her. She then adjusted her mother into her bosoms, making her neck rest in between her cleavage and held her mother's waist. Her legs were on the sides of her mother. She then nodded at Lith ensuring that she did what he told. Lith went too crawled to his mother. Lucy looking at Lith approach Lilith, spread her legs a little wide with her hands. Lith was now in front of Lilith. He then nodded at his sister.

Lilith looking at her children doing their own things with her body, was amused. She didn't think that her children would work together to handle her. She knew full well what these two were going to do to her. Her pussy started drooling from excitement a little. She smirked and teasingly said

"Please go easy on your poor old mama, my babies."

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Lith's ears went a little red but he didn't show any signs on his face due to her teasing. Lucy on the other hand blushed and her face was much more red than before. She too didn't respond and instead started nibbling on her mother's ear. Lith went down towards his mother's sweet honeypot. He gave her pussy a lick. It excited him a little. Tasting the forbidden juice which wasn't meant to was very exciting. He licked her more and more and started rubbing his fingers on her clit.

Lilith, knowing full well what was about to happen still shivered in excitement when she felt her sons's lick on her. To add to that, she even felt her daughter nibbling on her ears. Feeling Lith's licks and him rubbing her now sensitive clit, she moaned and grabbed Lith's silver hair lightly and pushed him deeper a little.

Lucy looking at her mother's expression knew that the time was right. She let go of her ears and opened her mouth a little showing her ferocious Vampire fangs. She then bit her mother's neck and started drinking blood from her.


Lilith moaned and her body jerked in pleasure shen Lucy bit her neck. Lith knew this was his sister's doing and seizing the chance he quickly put in two of fingers in his mother's pussy.


Lilith's body jerked one more time. Her back arched and she rested her head on her daughter's shoulders. Her eyes rolled a bit backward.

Lucy held her mother's boobs and started kneading them. She then held her nipples and pulled them outwards. Milk sprayed everywhere and


Lilith started shivering and moaning a little loudly.

Lith's hair was a mess. There was milk on it and his mother had ruffled his hair and made it more messy. He didn't mind it and started thrusting his finger to and fro and licking and sucking on her clit.

Lucy stopped drinking her mother's blood and started licking her wound clean. She then licked her neck and went upwards. When she reached her face, Lilith held her daughter's face and started a passionate kiss with her.

Lilith was not getting her pussy licked by her son, her nipples pinched, twisted and pulled by her daughter, who was also engaged in a passionate kiss with her.

Lith, even though his fingers were small, still felt tight inside of his mother. Her insides were now moving as if massaging his fingers and he knew that she was close to climaxing. He pulled his sister's nipple with his free hand, indicating her to do something.

Lucy feeling her brother's pull, broke the kiss with her mother and bit on her neck again. She was also now groping her breasts aggressively, leaving a little red marks on it. Due to her groping, more and more milk sprayed out. Her hand was in a milky mess.

Lith could feel his mother was now close so he increased his pace. He started thrusting his fingers in and out and licked and sucked her clit more aggressively.


"Oh baby....faster...mama is close...faster...

Lucy and Lith both got more and more aggressive and



Lilith climaxed and a gushing sound was heard. Lith not wasting anything startes gulping down his mother's love juices. It tasted sweet and had a slight rosey flavor to it. His sister's juices earlier had a mix of sweet and salty taste with a strong rosey flavor. Their flavors were complete opposite to their personalities. His mother's flavor was gentle who was very wild and crazy and his sister's flavor was wild who was very shy and gentle.


Lilith breathed heavily.

"That was amazing. Goodjob, babies."

She smiled and kissed Lucy on her lips first and then Lith on his lips not minding tasting her own love juice.

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Lucy after her kiss with her mother got down and licked her mother's pussy clean. She too wanted to have a taste of her mother's juice.

Lilith felt very proud of her children. This was their first time and yet they did such a good job. She then felt something hot poking her at the stomach area and looked down to find her son's small penis whose foreskin hadn't been pulled back yet, oozing a little precum from it. She chuckled and said

"Look baby, this thing of yours is erect now."

Lith knew full well what she was talking about but didn't look down and hugged her and put his face near her neck. No matter how thick skinned he was, he was still an inexperienced virgin who had little to no idea on how to respond to such words.

Lilith giggled looking at his cute reaction and said

"Mama would've taken care of Lith's thing but you are too young right now. Your foreskin couldn't be pulled back completely either now. I think the rate at which you are growing, it'll be completely pulled back when you are thirteen."

Lilith said as a matter of factly, not considering even for a bit if she should say this or not.

Lucy who heard her mother talking about his little brother's penis, was a little embarrassed from hearing such words from her mother. She was the Queen, you know? There wasn't the slightest Queenly demeanor at all. She was nonetheless curious and looked up at his brother's penis. It was leaking out a little clear liquid. It was precum as per her mother.

Lilith looked at her daughter who looking at her son's leaking precum. She smirked and touched her son's penis with her finger and got the precum on her fingertip. Lith feeling his mother's touch hugged her tightly and his penis twitched a little. Lucy eyes moved up and down a little along with her brother's twitching penis.

"You want to have a taste, baby?" Lilith smiled evilly and looked at her daughter. Lucy knew that her mother was teasing her again. She didn't say anything and went ahead and hugged her, hiding her face near her neck. She was burning with embarrassment. Their mother had done too many things today and all were very embarrassing for her. She had never felt like this, ever!

A substitute Queen was actually having such a reaction, this was very contrasting to her usual calm and cold demeanor. Lucy was a shy and embarrassed little girl only in front of her mother and brother. She was actually a very calm and cold lady. Worthy of being a substitute Queen. There's nothing to say about Lilith. She was the literal definition of Queen but in the past six years, she never really showed that side of her to anyone because she was busy pampering and playing with her son.

Lilith looked at her daughter's reaction, shrugged her shoulders and tasted her son's watery precum. It tasted a just little salty to her.

She then used water and wind magic and cleaned her kids along with herself. She snapped her fingers and the wet bedsheets got changed into cleaner ones automatically from who knows where.

She took Lith on top of her and Lucy on her side and slept with them. Lucy snuggled into her mother's bosoms and Lith rested his head in between the cleavage of his mother's milkers. Lilith kissed them on their forehead and slept with them.