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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 30: Shameless
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Lith was currently burning with embarrassment. He was hugging Lilith, his mother tightly, so tight that milk started leaking out and hid his face in her bosom.

Lucy on the side, being a Vampire who had super senses and on top of that a King rank heard her mother's whisper pretty clearly. She too was embarrassed by her mother's words. 'Mother, you are the Queen of literally billions of Vampire and the strongest existence in the world. Please have a little shame.' Lucy thought to herself inwardly. She didn't even consider the fact that she too was as shameless as her mother.

Lilith kissed Lith's cheeks and smirked evilly and said

"Baby, if you press so tightly onto mama, it may accidentally go in and you may end up taking mine and losing your virginity accidentally, you know?"

Lucy couldn't take it anymore. 'Shameless! Too shameless!' She yelled internally but on the outside she was fuming with embarrassment just like Lith. She tried to get up and run away but why would Lilith let her go like that? She held her daughter in place and looked at Lith.

The afore mentioned party, Lith, was feeling so embarrassed now, he may have died by embarrassment it if it was possible. He really wanted to bury himself in a hole and never come out of it again. His mother's shameless nature had far surpassed to what he is able to handle. He really couldn't take it anymore. He was trembling in embarrassment.

Lilith burst out laughing so much so that a little tear came out. She couldn't take it anymore. Her children's embarrassed faces were a little too much for her to handle. After a while, she composed herself and gently gave a kiss on Lith's cheeks. She gave a kiss to Lucy too.

She gently caressed their hair and made them snuggle closer to her. She kept caressing them for a while. Lith and Lucy both feeling their mother's caresses gradually calmed down. Their mother's jokes and vulgarity was a little too much for the inexperienced virgins like them.

Lith now calmed down a lot. He started thinking on what to do next. Lose virginity today or someday else? If today then who to? He really loved both his mother and sister and both were virgins like him. Although his mother had a lot of experience despite being that. After thinking for a while, he made up his mind. Mother it is! He forgot that he was at first thinking wether to lose virginity today or not.

He looked up and saw his mother looking at him lovingly. 'This woman...sigh.'

No matter how much she teased or joked with him, in front of such a loving and caring face, he would melt and feel warm inside again. He didn't even the thought of having to hate her for her teasing. After looking at her loving face, he knew one thing, it was that he'll never come to hate her no matter what she did. This woman, was the person who cared the most about him and that fact won't change. Lith's heart melted.

He went forward gently gave her a loving and warm kiss filled with love.

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Lilith was surprised by her son's actions. She thought that he would sulk a little and she'll then convince him but that never happend. She didn't know what made him change his heart but she nevertheless reciprocated the feeling and kissed him back with love.

Lith then broke the kiss and started kissing her cheeks, forehead, eyes, chin and went all the way downwards. Lilith didn't know what was up with him doing this suddenly but she happily welcomed all his advances. She could feel his love for her and this made her very happy.

Lucy from the side looked at her mother and little brother kiss and then her little brother doing certain strange actions. She didn't mind it and went in to kiss her mother, not wanting to fall back.

Lilith happily accepted her daughter's advances and she kissed her back. They started having a passionate kiss.

Lith kissed her neck and bit on it and sucked her blood a little. Lilith started getting aroused a little due to his such actions. Lith then sucked her nipples a little and bit both of them and started going down.

Lilith could feel her son's lips on her body which was going down and down. She started getting wet due to this and was highly anticipating his advances on her down at her secret garden.

Lilith moved Lucy up a little and grabbed her soft ass with both hands and started kneading them. She was having a passionate kiss her right now and their tongues were fighting for dominance amongst each other. She then started moving one of her hand towards Lucy's pussy. She started stroking her pussy with one hand and kneaded her breast with the other while engaging in a passionate kiss.

Lith went down and reached for her mother's pussy. She took a whiff of it and it was the best aphrodisiac in the world for him. It quickly aroused him. He gave her pussy lips a small kiss.

Lilith feeling her son had reached her lower lips, bent her legs and made a M shape with them, giving Lith a good view of her pink pussy and her beautiful puckered butthole.

Lith looking at the scene in front of him wanted nothing more than to just devour his mother. He quickly went forward and started licking her pussy hungrily. He played with her clit with one hand and kneaded her breast with the other one.

Lucy broke the kiss with her mother and started breathing heavily. She then hugged her mother and started sucking milk from her breasts. She lifted her ass up and spread her legs a little to give her mother better access to her and let her play with her pussy however she wanted.

Lith thrust his two fingers in her mother's pussy and started going to in fro in her.


Lilith moaned a little after feeling Lith's finger in her.

Lith licked and sucked her clit while thrusting his fingers in her.

Lilith moaned a little after feeling him play with her clit while thrusting his fingers in her pussy. She too thrust her fingers in her daughter's pussy and started doing a to and fro motion.


Lucy moaned a little after feeling her mother's finger inside her.

This continued on for a few mins.

Lith started thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy much more quickly after feeling her insides starting to massage his fingers.


Lilith moaned after Lith's faster thrusting.

She to started thrusting her fingers faster in Lucy.


Lucy moaned and feeling her mother thrust her fingers faster.

She got up from her boobs, went up and mother her mouth showing her ferocious fangs and bit her neck and started drinking her blood.

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Lilith moaned a lot louder after feeling the blood getting sucked from her neck.

Lith felt her insides starting to quiver more and more so he further increased his speed more and more and licked and sucked her clit aggressively.

"Ahhh....ahhh....yes sweetie just like...that...ahh.."

She moaned and simultaneously increased her speed a lot as she thrust her fingers in and out of Lucy.


Lucy moaned due to the sudden increase i pace.

"Ahhh baby...mama is c-coming.."


Lilith moaned and arched her back. Her eyes half closed.


Lucy too came at the end due to her mother's sudden increase in pace during her climax and came alongside her mother.


Lith gulped down his mother's sweet and rosey love juices. He gulped them all down without wasting anything and licked her clean. He got up and looked at his mother who and big sister who were now in the process of recovering and waited.

After a while, they recovered. Finally,

It was time for the main thing!