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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 31: Chickening Out
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Lilith and Lucy recovered and Lith gave a warm kiss on Lucy's forehead and hugged her.

"M-mom..." Lith wanted to say 'Mom, I am putting it in' but let alone do that, he was too ashamed to even look at her and stuttered at the first word itself.

"Fufufu..." Lilith chuckled and wrapped her legs around Lith and pulled him close and gave him a kiss on his lips.

Lith was surprised by his mother's sudden actions and felt very embarrassed. Heck, didn't want to do anything now. 'Fuck this! This is too shameful! Mother is too crazy!' He cried inwardly.

What he didn't know was that he was just an amateur virgin in front of the experienced Lilith. Of course he'll chicken out at the most important moment.

Lilith looked at her son's burning face and chuckled. She knew her baby wanted to be more intimate with her and that he craved to touch her but she couldn't help but tease him when she found the chance.

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Lilith held Lith's face and looked at him straight in the eyes and asked lovingly

"Baby, do you want to do it with mama? Do you want to have sex with your mother? There's no going back once you cross that line. Mama has told you right? Sex is done between lovers and we are not lovers but family. This is taboo. Do you still want to do it, despite it being taboo? Don't worry, whatever you choose, mama will always support you in anything and everything. Mama loves you."

Lilith had nothing but warmth and love on her face when she was half asking and half lecturing him. The crazy side of her was nowhere to be seen now and what was left was only the motherly side which had nothing but love and care for her child.

Lith heard his mother's words which were filled with love and care for him. He was at a loss on what to do. He really chickened out at the last moment. Now he was considering what step should he take now.

He snuggled into Lilith's bosom and laid comfortably on in between his mother's big breast. His second life since he was born started playing in his mind. He looked back and found that he really had the best mother in the world! She always loved and cared for him without holding back the slightest. She had no selfish interest in doing so and she only had a little hope that her children will love her the same way she loves them.

He thought a lot about and knew that, he really wanted his mother. He loved her very much and now started having the selfish desire of wanting to keep her with him. He didn't want to let go of her and wanted to do everything with her. He wanted all his firsts in life with her. Most of all, he wanted her the most. He swore again in his heart that he'll love and cherish her and fuck taboo. He'll do what he wants and being more intimate with her was a form of love he wanted to have. It'd be fine if she was not willing and he would respect her wishes and still love her the same but hey, he had a chance to do so, so why let go of such an opportunity? Only an idiot would think otherwise.

Lilith looked at her son who was deep in thoughts and didn't disturb him. She kept caressing his hair and waited for him to respond to her. No matter what choice he makes, she'll still love him the same way she loved him since he was born. He was her baby and he'll always be her baby no matter what changes happen.

Lucy on the side was bewildered about her mother's words. She knew it was taboo but they were Vampires. Taboo hardly mattered in the Vampire race. Infact, the more the taboos, the better it is for them. It adds more spice in life. The guilty feeling of doing something only excites the crazy Vampires. Lucy thought that her mother would get crazy and shamelessly take her own son's virginity but she didn't expect that her mother would give him a choice. Her mother was still sane!

Looking at her now, Lucy realised, her mother was not really crazy. She just liked making fun of them whenever possible and when things came about something serious regarding their well being, she'll switch back to her gentle and loving motherly side. She knew one thing in her heart, her mother was the best! She couldn't help but feel that she should shower her mother with more love whenever she came and do her best to be a good daughter for her. She looked at her dear brother and waited for him to answer. She'll go along with what his brother said. If he chose to be more intimate then she too will do the same and if he chose to be just a normal son, she too will do the same. It now all depended on him.

Lith made up his mind. The world can fuck itself. The taboos can fuck itself. He wanted to have his mother all to himself. He wanted his family all to himself. He wanted both his mother and sister much more close to him. He'll be selfish and he'll have what he wants.

Lith didn't know anything about Vampires. He rarely went out or checked Vampire forums online. He was really having a very exaggerated reaction right now.

Lith looked up at his mother with a fiery gaze.

Lilith looked at her son's fiery gaze and felt as if she was a sheep waiting to be devoured by a big bad wolf. She chuckled and teased

"Oh my, please go a little easy on this poor old mama of yours."

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Just from looking at his reaction she knew he made up his mind. She knew he loved her so much that he was willing to go across the forbidden gates and pluck out the forbidden flower which he wasn't supposed to. She got a little excited and started getting wet just from thinking about what he'll do with her. She now understood why those Vampires were so crazy. Doing something so immoral and taboo really spiced things up! Those crazy Vampires were correct all along!

Lucy too knew just from his reaction what he was about to do and her mother's words just confirmed them. She felt a little excited and was anticipating it a little.

Huh? She was excited and anticipated? A King rank Vampire having such thoughts from looking at immoral and forbidden things? Was she crazy like her mother too? She thought to herself.

Vampires indeed felt excited from doing such forbidden things. It ran in their race's genes. They weren't called the craziest for nothing. Lilith was already crazy enough and the apple doesn't fall from the tree, It was obvious Lucy would feel such emotions too.

Lith had mustered all his courage to tell his mother 'yes mom, I want to do it with you.' But as if his mother could read his mind, she confirmed his answer herself and teased him yet again. He felt red as a tomato. 'Mother is too much! Atleast hear me out!' He cried inwardly. He bent down and bit her neck a little angry and mostly embarrassed.


Lilith moaned a little after she felt a bite on her neck. She chuckled at her son's reaction which seemed angry and embarrassed and caressed his hair while letting him do whatever he wanted to.

Lith made sure to arouse Lilith a little by sucking her blood. After drinking it for a few seconds, he licked the wound clean and looked at her in the eyes again and said in a loving and caring way

"I love you, mom."