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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 6: Movie
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"As you wish, your majesty." Hecate said in a neutral tone like a servant and disappeared.

"Your majeshty?" I said with my undeveloped vocal cords to my mother. Clearly looking for an explaination.

My mother smiled at me and started stroking my hair. Her previous domineering tone and haughtiness gone.

"Yes, dear. Mama is the Queen of Vampires of the vampire continent. Mama is very powerful you know?" She smiled and said as she kissed me on my cheeks.

"Powerful? Very? How much?" I asked hoping to know her power and also the realms which are present here.

She made me sit in her lap facing her and instead of directly saying it, she went the long way out to explain everything...

"Once you awaken your magic core and start practicing magic you'll be considered as rank 1. Later you make your way from rank 1 to rank 2 and then to 3 then 4 and so on until rank 9. After rank 9 you'll leave mortal realms and jump into immortal realms in which your lifespan will almost be very long. After rank 9 comes saint rank then above it is king rank then emperor rank and above it, the final one supreme rank. There's also half saint, half king and half emperor rank in between those. There's no half supreme because the body, spirit and soul goes through a qualitative change when you reach that realm and you directly become a supreme being who is very powerful. Each race has one supreme.

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There also hidden experts and old monsters. All in all the total number of supreme ranks are not more than 15.

Only the dragon race has two supremes. They are the Dragon Emperor Dagassi and Dragon Empress Mayzin.

The demon race has Lucifer as the supreme. She stays in her palace not bothering at all with the external or internal matters. She's a good friend of mine and comes over time to time to play with me but of course I banned that bitch from coming over since I need to take care of you. She's a literal pain in the ass. All her work is handled by her 7 minions who are the overlords of the demon continent. They are all very powerful, all 7 of them are peak of Emperor rank and demons closest to their truest desire. They are wrath, sloth, gluttony, greed, lust,envy and pride. There are also...."

I've never really asked for so much information and how Lucifer is but I guess my mother is just very gossipy. She really didn't stop speaking. If it weren't for me who was nineteen mentally and that I wanted to know more about this world, anyone would've slept on this information.

Basically there are seven overlords in the demon continent and one supreme as mentioned. More about it later on. The demon continent has mages of all attributes except light. The angels are their arch enemies. The demons control the nine floors of hell. The devils control the 666 floors of the abyss. They make contracts like the witches and would let you in to explore it for a price or would help you out for a price or sacrifice too. Each floor has a floor lord and the higher the ranking, the stronger the devil.

The devil of the 666th floor and the demon of the ninth floor are peak of Emperor ranks too but they do not interfere with the internal affairs of the demon continent and the seven overlords handle it.

Lucifer's palace is between the ninth floor of hell and the 666th floor of abyss. She comfortably lives there and is a big NEET according to my mother.

The Angel continent has a Heavenly Emperor called Alex Paladin as the supreme and has nine angel kings under him. The force is almost same as the demonic forces. They are arch enemies with the demons. Lucifer apparently hates the "old" man Alex paladin.

They have all the attributes available to train as a mage except for darkness, death and destruction.

The Vampire continent has one supreme. There are five count clans and all except one clan has two peak Emperor ranks in the form of count and countess. The Adelstein clan has only the countess who is supposed to be working for exploration and conquest of land on the vampire continent. The Dracula clan handles all of the military affairs for the Vampires.

Clan Crimson handles the internal affairs. Clan Violet handles the external affairs and lastly Clan Veranz handles trade and management of food and resources for the vampires.

All five count clans are under the Clan Evure which only consisted of two members a few months ago which is my mother and sister and now there is me, the third member, Lith Evure.

She was about to explain more to me but stopped in the middle. She broke the eye contact with me and looked around and found a tablet which was silver in colour. It looked the same as that on Earth. Is it safe to call it an iPad here too? She brought it near me and said

"Dear which movie would like to see? You can select any one from this list."

I looked at the screen and saw various types of thumbnails and descriptions and genres written. All the movies were made for kids in this, I can tell by looking at it.

I picked the one with the romance genre because of obvious reasons. This world is really developed in terms of media. There are a lot of selection available only to see for kids. There definitely would be more for adults. After I pointed at the movie I wanted to see, my mother simply tapped on the screen a few times and the well lit room became dim and on the empty wall in front of the big bed the movie was playing. The wall became a big screen and the movie seemed as if it was very real. The resolution in magical world cannot be compared to the one back on Earth.

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The movie plot was about a boy who was lonely but later he found out a group of friends and then a lovely girlfriend and stayed with them happily from there on. This, isn't this too clićhe even for a child? Well nothing can be done now. I simply reacted the way a normal child would do and later in the movie came the best part. The kissing scene! Yes! I looked at my mother and put on a confused faced and said "Mama what are they doing?"

"They are kissing dear. It's what lovers do." She said chuckling a little and ruffling my hair.

"Lovers?" I tilted my head and asked her again.

"Yes sweetie when two people love each other they are called lovers." She smiled and said.

I put on a pondering expression and a few seconds later I looked at her and said smiling "Mama, kiss." While opening my arms.

She looked at me a bit amused and after chuckling a little she kissed me on my lips. Success! I smiled there like a fool and looking at my happy expression she said

"Want one more?" To which I nodded my head like a pecking chicken. She gave me another kiss on my lips, this time a little longer.

I snuggled closer to her and sucked her nipples. I fell asleep later without even knowing.

Lilith looking at her dear son's cute sleeping face felt very happy. Not many things in this world could make her happy like this. She patted him on his head a little and slept with him later.