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Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 7: Training
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Time passed.

Lith was now three years old and it was time for his combat training with his sister.

Lith, Lilith and Lucy were walking through a corridor with Lith holding both Lucy's and Lilith's hand. He didn't know if he was too short or his mother and sister were tall but he was only at the level of thighs of his sister and mother. He couldn't reach their buttocks even if he hugged them from behind.

Currently, Lucy and Lith were bent towards Lith a little so he could their hand properly and were walking along the corridor to the training arena of the Evure household.

Few moments later they arrived.

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The arena was very big according to Lith's prespective. It would probably be 3km long and 2km wide. There were dummies for practicing in a corner for swords, archery, spears, axe, gauntlets and various other weapons. It had a very wide range and variety of weapons to train with. There's a track around the arena too, I think for running. To practice actual combat, the inner area to the running track is raised up a level to make it a platform and is surrounded by a bluish transparent barrier.

This area covers almost 75% of the whole arena.

"How is it Little Lith? Do you like the arrangements done for you by your sis?" Lucy asked squatting to my level and smiling.

"Yes, big sis, this place is very good and big." I replied smiling after kissing her on the lips.

After the movie event, kissing became a common occurrence between me and my sister and mother. At first my sister was surprised too because of my sudden kiss but she didn't say or do anything and happily kissed me back.

"Little Lith, this isn't big really, it's a pretty small arena to make it fit accordingly for you. This place is made by the witches so the facilities are very good here, so you don't have to worry okay?" She thought I might be misunderstanding something so she politely enlightened me. I nodded to her in understanding.

The Witches are on friendly terms with all the races and they provide services for a price. They provide almost anything and everything you need. The Witches have a supreme too who is known as Witch Mother and her name is Florencia Rain. She has 9 Witch Queens underneath her according to my mother. Hecate is one of the Witch Queen who is directly associated to my mother.

This kind of VIP service is not available for anyone. Only my mother, the Dragon Empress Mayzin and the Elven Queen Agalea Grace have one Witch Queen associated with them. The rest of the six witch queens do provide their services to the big shot of this world but are not readily available like Hecate. Maybe the witches like to serve only ladies? Who knows?

"Train well dear. Mama will be sitting near and cheering for you!" Lilith said happily with a smile after kissing me goodbye.

Lucy takes my hand and starts walking towards the weapon training arena. I look back at my mother and wave her goodbye with a smile.

Lucy and me arrive at the weapons training area. She brings me in front of a table on which there are a huge variety of weapons to select from. "Which one do you want to learn first dear?" She asks me gently.

I look at the weapons and then at my sister and ask her "Which ones big sis knows?" She looks at me, smiles and puffs her chest up and says with a lot of pride "Your big sis here has mastered all the weapons here."

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I look at her a bit amused and say "I want to learn all the weapons too like sis. But first sword." She ruffles my hair, smiles and picks two wooden swords. We go to a nearby dummy and she teaches me basic sword techniques. Mother on the other hand was just looking at us and smiling. Clearly happy looking at her two children getting along and practicing.

After a few hours later, Lucy looked at me with a smile and said "Good work, dear Lith. Let's go wash up now."

I stop the sword movements and walk up to her and open my arms indicating a hug. She lifts me up and I give her a peck on her lips and hug her neck. She smiles and ruffles my hair and gives me a foreheas kiss and walks to the bathroom for a bath. Mother who was watching from the sideline now walked up to us and joined in for a bath too.

We were lying in a big bathtub and nothing interesting happend in the bath except for me looking at my mother's and sister's naked body and sucking on my mother's boobs in the bath. Lucy didn't think too much again and just cuddled her way in mother's arms from the side. She placed her face on mother's shoulder on the right and held me with her right arm and mother with her left and slept on her shoulder. Mother held her and me by the waist and let her sleep on her and let me suckle like always.

Lilith looking at her two exhausted children felt very proud of them. She kissed Lith's and Lucy's forehead and let them go to sleep. "My children are so lovely." She thought to herself. After making sure they both slept, she smoothly and swiftly brought them to her bedroom and slept on the bed.

Lucy woke up and found herself held by her mother and her little brother in between her mother and her. She was a little surprised to find herself in this situation and also a bit embarrassed because she was an adult now and also a substitute Queen in her mother's stead who was now taking care of her little brother. Vampires are considered adults only when they reach 500 years of age and Lucy, in these 500 years had experienced a lot of things. Now being an adult and still getting pampered by her mother was indeed a little embarrassing for her, sho she quickly made up her mind and thought to get up from here.

Lilith who was looking at the now awake Lucy knew exactly what she was thinking and tightened her hold on her and said chuckling "Fufufu you are not going anywhere dear. Sleep quietly until your brother wakes up and then I ll let you go."

She would never let go of any chance to spoil her children or pamper them. That's the type of mother she was. A very caring, kind and protective mother. Okay, overprotective in her case. But nonetheless, she was very good for her children.

Anyone in the world who would've heard this description about Lilith would never agree to it even if they are beaten to death. The world still hasn't forgotten the terror of Lilith Evure from 10,000 years ago up until now. Since a 1000 years ago Lilith has been dormant and after her daughter's birth, she almost never bothered herself with the external world bringing a bit of peace to the chaotic world. Why was she so terrifying, what did she do and who exactly was she, that's a story for another day...