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When The Top Hacker Becomes A Female Supporting Character, She Amazes The World

When The Top Hacker Becomes A Female Supporting Character, She Amazes The World
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When The Top Hacker Becomes A Female Supporting Character, She Amazes The World

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    Summary As one of the world’sp hackers, Yu Han suddenly died because she stayed up late launching an attack on a certainuntry’s firewall! She did not expect transmigrate i a romance that her friend had arranged for her read and bme a female supporting character with the same name in the . Yu Han expressed her dissatisfaction. What right did others have transmigrate i the female protagonist while sheuld only be a female supporting character? Wait a minute! Yu Han was suddenly excited because, in the , her fiancé was thep celebrity in the , Ji Jun.He was also her favorite man in the because he was the only one who did not have a brainless crush on the female protagonist in the . Now, this man was her fiancé! It was rumored that thep male idol in showbiz, Ji Jun, had a crush on someone. His fans, “Impossible, I don’t believe it. Brother loves us!” When they heard that the person Ji Jun had a crush on was Yu Han, his fans, “ It’s impossible. Brother only treats Yu Han as his junior that he wants promote!” During a variety show, Heartthrob Ji lost in a game of truth or dare and chose truth. The host, “I heard you have a crush on someone. Is it Yu Han?” Yu Han gave him ald glare. Ji Jun answered, “No.” Snap! The red lights on the lie deter’s glared red. Yu Han, “…?” His fans, “…?” She was the star in the sky, while he was the star-picker.Epilogue 1: “Shocking! The popular female star, Yu Han, sold her body seduce a seventy-year-old man for the sake of stardom. Here is a picture as proof!” While the entire internet criticized Yu Han for her shamelessness, Ji Jun’s trust in her never faltered. He tagged the reporter and replied him with two words, “F*ck you!” Yu Han read Ji Jun’s protective words in shock and was overjoyed. With the entire screen filled with curses, Yu Han started a live stream and taught the netizens how phshop phs and videos. At the same time, she also rered the phs that were circulating on the internet. The netizens were shocked that Yu Han actually had such skills! At the same time, after rering the ph the originals, everyone wondered how the man in the ph resembled Prince Charming Ji Jun so much!Epilogue 2: The transmigrated Queen Yu had a headache. Yu Han knew that the Ji Jun in the book had a serious obsession with cleanliness. “Can we ask the direr do a cheat cut for this kissing scene? Aren’t you a clean freak?” The smile on Ji Jun’s face widened. “We’re not canceling that scene. Are you doubting my professional ethics?” Yu Han, “…” A certain female star in the same production crew just finished shooting a scene where she fell i the water. She looked at Ji Jun pitifully. “Brother Jun, I don’t have any strength left. Can you help me?” Ji Jun did not even look at her. “Sorry, I have issues with cleanliness.” Yu Han, “…?” You’re reading “When Thep Hacker Bmes A Female Supporting Character, She Amazes The World” on See all Hide

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