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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain-Novel

Why Should I Stop Being a Villain-Novel
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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain-Novel

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    Summary In the midst of a ruined forest, due the result of the clash between peak powerhouses, a body of a man lay. He was known as the 'Evilest Villain', the worst man ever born in humanity.His body was full of wounds with a spear piercing his heart. However, even in his final moments, he was calm andllected, with his usualld face.The only thing on his mind was, “Forgive me, Iuldn't keep my promise you.”He closed his eyes, ready begin his eternal slumber in the darkness.Suddenly, a blue light appeared, with ancient text that read, 'Do you want turn back time, my child?'He laughed and said yes.| Fate Devourer System |[Initializing......................24%][Authority: Deus Timentrol (Rank ?!?) used][The Goddess of Time wishes you the best]. You’re reading “Why Should I p Being a Villain” on See all Hide