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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12 Growing Old Together


Cedric scoffed. “Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to celebrate the wedding anniversary now that we’re


Maia pleaded softly, “We never got to celebrate our honeymoon or anniversary together. Just this once,

Cedric. Can’t we make it special?”

“Maia, what tricks are you up to now?”

“I’m not up to anything. I’ll leave Prismara tomorrow and will never show up here again. I promise!”

Maia quickly held up a hand to swear.

Cedric frowned as his head started to hurt again. He tried to shake it off.

He had been suffering from headaches lately, and a piece of memory tried to force its way back into his

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brain. He saw flashes of a little girl’s face overlaying Maia’s, and he recalled her sweet voice saying,


Concerned, Maia asked, “Is something wrong?”

Despite his reservations, Cedric couldn’t bring himself to say no. In a deep voice, he asked, ” Are you

sure you can do that?”

Despite her disappointment, Maia nodded firmly. “Yes, I give you my word.”

“Get in the car.” His voice remained cold..

“Can we walk to the villa? The hill looks amazing with the snow in the evening.”

The lights on the hill glistened as it got darker. Cedric continued to look distant, but he turned. and

walked toward the villa.

Maia smiled sweetly, and they walked side by side through the snow.

“I heard that couples who walk through the snow together would grow old together.”

“That’s superstition.”

She tried to hide her embarrassment by rubbing her hands together. “I guess you’re right. People say

our wishes would come true if we wished upon the aurora, but we can’t grow old together now that

we’re divorced.”

“Are you cold?”

Caught off guard, Maia instinctively shook her head.

Cedric threw a pair of black gloves at her. “Put them on.”

She was elated. “This is the first time you’ve shown that you care about me.”


Cedric thought she was overreacting, as he had done it without much thought.

“Thank you.” Maia held the gloves and asked, “May I know why you gave me the gloves? Perhaps you

don’t hate me as much as you think.”

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She gave him a hopeful look.

“It’s not that,” Cedric said.

The glow in her eyes dimmed.

“Then why?”

“Just so we can end on a good note,” he said simply.

Maia froze as she remembered what she just said..

to spend the anniversary with her so

He only agreed she would leave him alone. He was treating her kindly for the same reason.

Maia enjoyed walking side by side with him. However, it would be the last time she could ever

do so.

She hadn’t put on the gloves even until they reached the villa–she treasured his gifts too

much to wear them.

Seeing her hands turning red from the cold, Cedric frowned. “Why didn’t you gloves?”