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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 13
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Chapter 13 Can’t Bear to Put Them On

“I couldn’t bear to,” she softly replied, leaving the gloves in the foyer. She then headed cheerfully

toward the kitchen.

“What would you like to eat? How about beef stew? It’s perfect for the weather today.”

“Okay,” Cedric agreed.

With a sweet smile, Maia hurried into the kitchen to get prepared.

The servants were surprised to see her, given her recent divorce from Cedric. They could not fathom

why he was being friendlier toward her now. Some of them quickly informed Judy, a maid known to be

Rita’s spy.

Judy hurried into the main hall. Seeing Maia busy cooking in the kitchen, she marched over to the sofa,

where Cedric browsed documents on his tablet.

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“Sir,” she called out.

“Yes?” Cedric’s gaze remained on the screen.

“There’s something I have to tell you, but I’m not sure if I should.”

“Then don’t.”

“But if I don’t, Mrs. Rita will blame me, sir,” Judy said. “Why have you brought Ms. Maia here?

If the paparazzi catch wind of it, your reputation might suffer since you’re divorced.”

“Who pays your salary?”

Judy was caught off guard.

‘Answer me.‘

She said, “You, sir.”

“Then why are you meddling in my business?”

Judy dared not look up at him. “I only meant to look out for your well–being, sir.”

“Just do your job.”

‘Yes, sir.” Judy answered.

“Listen. I only keep you here for my mom’s sake, understand?”

In other words, if she acted out of line again, he would fire her. Alarmed, Judy nodded repeatedly. “Yes,

sir. I’ll get to work right away!”

She hurried off to the backyard.


Cedric checked an email dated that day. January 12th–The date used to be their wedding


Suddenly, Maia’s sweet yet worried voice rang in his ears, “Today’s our wedding anniversary. Can we

celebrate it together?

“I’m not up to anything, okay? I’ll leave Prismara tomorrow and will never show up again. I promise!”

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“Shit!” Annoyed, Cedric cursed under his breath and tossed his tablet aside.

When he saw Maia busy cooking, he frowned.

The girl in his hazy memory looked exactly like her. He could almost hear her calling out to him again in

a gentle, sweet voice similar to Maia’s.

With his mood disrupted, he could not focus on work…

Soon, Maia served him five dishes.

“Try it. I’m not as good as your cook, but these are my specialties.”

Cedric looked at them. He noticed all the dishes were his favorites, making him wonder about the depth

of her love and knowledge of his preferences.

They ate silently, but it was a peaceful dinner, unlike any Maia had experienced with him


Today’s our wedding anniversary. Can we have a little drink to celebrate?” She looked at a nearby wine

cabinet and turned to Cedric with a tentative smile. “Can I open one?”