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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17 The Lost Memories

“Thank you, Nigel. I understand.”

After that day, she and Cedric would go their separate ways and never meet again.

“It’s late. Get some rest, okay?” Nigel said.

“Okay, you too. Goodnight.”

The call ended, and Maia noted that it was almost midnight. Her wedding anniversary was coming to

an end. She cleared the table, washed the dishes, and prepared to leave.

“Oh, Ms. Maia, why didn’t you say you were leaving?” July mocked Maia when she saw her in the


“Why? Must I report to you?” Maia looked over her shoulder at her with a smile.

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Judy lashed out. “Mr. Cedric doesn’t even love you, okay? Serves you right for getting dumped!

“At least I don’t have to fawn over rich people like you do.”

Maia opened the door, and a gush of wind rushed in with the snow. She shivered.

As the wind howled, she could vaguely hear Judy say maliciously, “No men would want you, you dumb


Maia slammed the door shut with a frown, cutting off the rest of Judy’s harsh words. Her warm tears

rolled down her white cheeks.

Turning off her phone, she adjusted her coat and started walking downhill.

‘I’ll never step foot here again!!

Heavy snow had covered the city, but there was a fire in the distance.

“What’s happening?” Cedric asked.

“There’s probably a fire. The weather has been dry, and there have been several fires this month

alone,” said Dudley, the chauffeur.

Cedric looked toward the lit–up sky, and an image of a crying girl huddled in a corner flashed

across his mind.

“I want to marry you when I grow up. Will you marry me?”

Her sweet voice and her lovely smile were endearing.


Who was she?

Suddenly, Maia’s face appeared in his mind’s eye. Shaken, he clenched his fists.

‘It was her? Were my lost memories about her?‘

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Cedric solemnly sent her a text. “Wait for me.‘

He had something to ask her in person.


The Larkin Manor was in chaos. When Cedric arrived, Zera leaped to her feet and hurried over.

“Cedric, you’re finally back!”

“What happened?” Cedric asked as Zera sobbed.

“It’s… that thing.” Zera pointed at a cardboard box left in the foyer. “The maid said it was delivered this

evening. It’s for Mom, but she doesn’t buy things online, does she? I thought something wasn’t right, so

I opened it…”

“What was inside?”