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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 23
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Chapter 23 You Don’t Deserve It


His cold answer broke her heart.

‘He keeps crushing your hopes, Maia. But you just had to ask, hoping for a better response. What for?

You always get hurt,‘ she reminded herself.

“I should’ve known you’d think the worst of me. Of course you’d think I was responsible for the

kidnapping. You’ve never trusted me, so I shouldn’t have expected otherwise.”

He shot her a fierce glare. “Listen. You can’t leave until you’ve proven you’re innocent.”

“Do you have evidence that I’m behind the kidnapping, Cedric? Why should I listen to you?”

He tossed a document onto her lap. “I’m the largest shareholder of Burgess Winery.”

Maia was shocked to see the title “Winery Reconstruction Plan.”

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“You want to turn the winery into a resort?” She said anxiously, “It’s the largest one owned by Burgess

Winery. Do you have any idea what you’re doing? You might not be able to gain anything from it!”

It was a foolish plan that would hurt everyone. How could a shrewd businessman like Cedric have

missed it?

“Can’t stand to see the place turned into something else, huh?” He taunted her, knowing she

could not bear it.

Burgess Winery was in decline before her mother single–handedly turned it into one of Prismara’s best

wineries. How could Cedric harm the company now that Errol had just taken over and was preparing to

take it global?

Maia bit her lower lip and gripped the document, crumpling it as she did so.

“Don’t make me do it.” Cedric whispered into her ear as if he could read her mind, “You should spare a

thought for Errol, shouldn’t you?”

He had repeatedly hurt her and accused her of things.

“Cedric, you’re such an asshole!”

“Just do what I say.

Biting her lip, Maia trembled all over.

Cedric’s gaze remained cruel. “I’ll let you go once I’m sure the kidnapping has nothing to do

with you.



What he said made Maia tremble even more.

Her phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Nigel. Just as she answered, Cedric snatched the phone

from her.

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“Maia?” Nigel’s voice was heard.

“Cedric, what are you doing? Give it back!”

He lowered the car window in his anger and tossed her phone out.

“Cedric, have you lost your mind?”

Brushing aside his stray hair, he grabbed her and pressed her into the seat. “Are you that he called?”

Maia found herself speechless.


He continued taunting her. “Do you wish he’d sweep you off your feet and give you a happy life?”

She gasped, struggling in vain to break free.

“You’re a kidnapper,” he said. “You don’t deserve it!”

He tore her clothes.