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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 24
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Chapter 24 Are You Going to Imprison Me?

The privacy divider blocked the view from the front seat.

Maia began to panic, but it was too late. She tried to scream, but his kiss muffled any sound she made.

She could only lay defenselessly, her long hair disheveled.

A while later, the car came to a stop, and the chauffeur left them alone. Cedric removed his jacket,

wrapped it around her, and carried her out of the vehicle.

‘Where are we?”

Maia gazed at the stacked townhouses before her. It was an upscale development by HL Corporation

that had not launched. Then it hit her.

“You’re going to imprison me?”

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Cedric said coldly, “I can’t let a suspect escape, can I?”

He carried her into a room and threw her onto a bed with velvet sheets.

“You can’t do this to me, Cedric!” Maia tried to leave, but he pinned her to the bed and glared at her.

He warned, “Don’t forget about the winery and

your brother.”

Cedric rose and made his way toward the door. As he was about to leave, he paused.

“Was the story you told me true?”

Maia clutched the bedsheets and asked, “W–What story?”

you before?”

“Did I promise to marry you

Maia was stunned. With eagerness, she asked, “Have you… remembered something?”

Cedric pocketed his phone and said coldly, “No.”

She lowered her head. His scent lingered on the suit jacket wrapped around her. Maia felt hopeless as

she heard his retreating footsteps. The room was heated, but she felt cold.

Maia looked out the large window at the sea view but felt numb. While she could technically break the

glass window, she could not escape with the winery and Errol’s future at stake. She had to stay until

proven innocent.

Thinking of Cedric made her sorrowful. After a while, someone knocked on the door.

Maia saw a woman who looked around 40 years old. “Who are you?”

“Hi, Ms. Maia. I’ll be in charge of your meals. You can call me Susie.”


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Maia nodded. “Hi, Susie.”

Susie said with a smile, “Your lunch is ready downstairs.”

Since Maia still had a lot to do, she knew she could not let herself get hungry. The meal was delicious,

but as she ate, Maia became pensive..

Nigel must be worried about her whereabouts since her flight had already left. She needed to let him

know to postpone the shareholder meeting at Starlight Entertainment.

“Can I make a call, Susie?”