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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 25
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Chapter 25 400 Million


Susie frowned. “Ms. Maia, Mr. Cedric forbade me from giving you any devices.”

“Well, he didn’t say I couldn’t make a call, right? It’s just one call, please, Susie,” Maia pleaded. Susie

glanced around and said, “Ms. Maia, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but this place is under

surveillance. Mr. Cedric can watch your every move.”

Taken aback, Maia looked around her and saw surveillance cameras everywhere.

She chuckled bitterly and murmured, “I guess the place is bugged, too, huh?”

Susie sighed but didn’t deny it. “Eat while the dinner’s still warm, okay?”

Maia was left alone in the dining hall but had lost her appetite. She squeezed the utensils in her hands


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She had no choice but to hope that Rita would be found soon. Still, something about all of this made

her uneasy.

There was more than meets the eye about Rita’s kidnapping. She could only hope to leave the

townhouse soon.

Letting out a bitter chuckle, she finished her meal and headed upstairs. Maia curled on the bed and

waited silently.

Days passed, but Cedric did not come. The wait was unbearable. She wondered if Rita had been found

and when they would clear her name.

The Larkin Manor had been silent for a few days. Zera had taken a break at work while she waited for

news at home.

“After the surveillance footage is restored, we’ll be able to find mom.”

As soon as Cedric said it, Zera’s phone rang.

She exclaimed when she saw the caller ID, “It’s mom!”

Zera gave him the phone. He frowned as he turned on the screen capture feature and answered

the video call.

A live feed popped up. Rita, bound to a chair and gagged with duct tape, yelled in a muffled.


Zera burst into tears. “Mom, are you okay? Don’t be scared. Cedric is going to save you!”

“Hello, Mr. Cedric! Rest assured that your mom is well taken care of.”



It was impossible to see the kidnapper’s face as he wore a black mask, sunglasses, and a hat. “What

do you want?” Cedric asked calmly.

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The kidnapper burst out laughing. “You’re straightforward, I’ll give you that! All I want is just 400 million.

It’s not much, right?”

Rita struggled frantically and managed to loosen the duct tape. She screamed, “It’s Maia! That bitch

sent her men to do this-

The kidnapper quickly gagged her mouth.

“Mom! Mom!” Zera yelled.

The next second, the video call was disconnected.

Zera angrily smacked the sofa. “So it’s Maia! If we could find her, we’d know where Mom is.

Before Zera could finish, Cedric had gotten up and left.

Zera shouted after him, “Where are ten up and left.

you going? Cedric!”