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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 28
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Chapter 28 You Don’t Want Me to Die, Right?

It was the first time she saw him like this.

“Cedric…” she called out his name, tears welling up..

He was always like this, giving her hope when she was about to give up. This time, however, she would

not fall for it.

Seeing her in such distress, Cedric cursed and quickly pulled her into his chest. He covered her mouth

and nose with a damp towel.

“Are you alright?”

Clutching his jacket, she shook her head and wept despite herself. He looked conflicted when he saw

how helpless she was.

Cedric asked in a calm voice, “Are you hurt?”

She shook her head.

“Can you walk?”

They had to leave before the fire reached the west end. Even though her legs were weak, Maia

managed to get to her feet with his help.

“I can,” she said softly. Perhaps she had become much braver and calmer due to his presence.

“Follow me.” Grabbing her hand, he covered his nose and mouth and led her toward the stairs.

on the west side.

The fire destroyed the townhouse’s east side and quickly spread to the west. The exit was completely

engulfed in flames. They had to go through the living room and out a shattered window to get out.

However, the flames entrapped them while smoke swirled around the first floor.

Suddenly, Cedric stopped and held his arm around her protectively. “Are you scared?”

They only had one chance. If they couldn’t make it through this time, the raging fire would trap them for

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Maia looked at him and smiled. “Did you rush over after you found out I was trapped in the


He gazed at her impassively without replying.

Maia pursed her lips and said, “If you don’t answer me now, there might not be another chance.”


He answered, “Yes.”

“You don’t want me to die, right?”

“I don’t.”

She smiled. Before, she would have been overjoyed with these responses and continued to throw

herself at him.

However, now that she had gotten the answers she wanted, she felt nothing. Rekindling her love for

him was like lighting a candle with no wick. Once it was gone, it was gone.

She still wanted to clear her name. “I didn’t send anyone to kidnap Rita. Do you believe me?” “We need

to run over there,” he said coldly, looking toward the area that had not caught fire. He did not answer

her question, but Maia knew he did not trust her. Even in this critical moment, he could not even nod.

Concealing her true feelings, she smiled and spoke calmly. “Cedric, thank you for risking your life for

me, but if I die…”

“Goddamn it, a troublemaker like you isn’t going to die that easily,” he said forcefully.

She saw the crystal chandelier nearly falling from the ceiling from the corner of her eye and gave

Cedric a charming smile.

“Okay, let’s go there. As you say, a troublemaker isn’t going to die so easily.”

‘Cedric, I’m going to give you my life this time!‘


Chapter 29 I Hate You, I Love Your

“This time, I’m going to make you regret it for the rest of your life!‘ she thought.

“Stay closel” Cedric said as he rushed out with her.

The window was their only chance. If they could make it through the living room, they would be able to

escape to safety.

Holding his hand, she kept pace with him and hurried into the living room. The fire was raging, but she

felt no fear at this moment.

The heat caused the chandelier to shatter and fall as they crossed the living room, making several loud


At that very moment, Maia let go of his hand and shoved him away with all her strength. The chandelier

crashed between them, sending flames everywhere and trapping her completely.

In an instant, the fire surged. Shoved out of the window, Cedric turned and saw what was happening.

“Maia!” He screamed like a madman. Cedric tried to charge back inside, but Baz and others held him


“Don’t do it, sir!”

“You can’t save her! It’s too late.”

The flames soared higher, forcing Maia to back off and leaving her no chance to escape. Through the

fire, she looked at him with a tearful smile.

Her lips moved as she murmured, “I hate you, and I love you.”

It was both the most devastating and lovely thing she could say.

‘Cedric, I’ll be gone from your life for real now…”

The raging fire soon separated the two forever. There were several more loud crashes as the beam fell,

and Cedric could no longer see her.

She had died in a sea of fire.

“No! Maia!”

All at once, Cedric’s broken memories were pieced together. He remembered the abandoned

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warehouse, the massive fire, and the little girl whispering in his ear…

“I want to marry you when I grow up.


you marry me?”


“Of course I will!‘

“Then let’s pinky swear. No backsies for 100 years, okay?”

Fighting back his tears, he slowly murmured, “Of course, I will marry you… Haven’t you been waiting

for me to remember?”

Cedric fell to his knees. He remembered it now, but he had lost her forever. The silly woman who had

always followed him around with a smile was gone.

As the wind howled, he lowered his head and wept.

“Where’s Maia? Where is she?” Having received the news, Nigel rushed to the site. He saw the soaring

fire and Cedric kneeling on the ground.

Errol was with him, gesturing nonstop, trying to find out where his sister was.

Looking up, Cedric directed his dull gaze toward the fire.

“Maia didn’t make it out?” Nigel was alarmed and yelled, “She could’ve gone to Solisar with me to take

over Starlight Entertainment. She could have started anew! You fucking killed her, you bastard! She

lived for you, and now she died for you…”

Nigel grabbed his shirt as he yelled, but no amount of anger could bring Mala back. Errol dropped to

his knees and pounded the ground, weeping silently.

The night sky and snow looked red from the flames. The townhouse swayed in the strong wind as

deafening explosions continued one after another.

Nigel threw Cedric a hard punch in the face.

“How could you live with yourself?”