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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32 Her Return

This was the only thing he had given her, and now it had been returned to him.


Taking the music box carefully, Cedric nodded at Errol and walked away. He brought it straight to her


When it opened, a melodic tune began to play. Inside the box were several photos of the Northern

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He remembered what she said the other day.

“People say our wishes would come true if we wished upon the aurora, but we can’t grow old together

now that we’re divorced.”

Letting out a bitter smile, he tried to put a photo back into the box. However, something on its back

caught his attention.

Written on it was a message in her handwriting:

“How I wish you could see this, Cedric.”

She spent the so–called honeymoon alone in Frostholm, but when she saw the Northern Lights, the

first person that came to her mind was him.

‘What the hell have you done over all these years?‘ he reflected. ‘It was you who killed her!‘

Holding the music box between his arms, he gazed at her photo on the memorial and

remembered her last words.

“I hate you, and I love you.”

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Tormented, he asked, “You wanted me to regret it for the rest of my life, didn’t you?

Now that she had passed away, he would have no way to make amends. He could only continue to

love her for the rest of his life in regret.

“Errol is right. Even if you could come back to life, you wouldn’t forgive me either.”

The wind tousled his hair and dried his tears, but it could not remove his pain.

“You know what? I can never forgive myself, either!”

A year later, the power struggle within the Burgess Winery caught the media’s attention.

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At a press conference, Yvette sobbed in front of the cameras while a saddened–looking Homer

tried to console her.