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Will You Marry Me, Again by Pear Heart

Chapter 33
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Chapter 33 Get Rid of Them!

A woman in high heels entered the venue wearing bright red lipstick and a slit bodycon dress.

The commotion gave way to silence. Then, the crowd exclaimed in amazement.

“It’s Maia Burgess!”

“What is she doing here?”

“Hasn’t she gone missing?”

Yvette and Homer were stunned onstage.

Quickly adopting a fatherly tone, he exclaimed, “Maia, you’re… finally back! I missed you so


Maia frowned, disgusted by the man. She knew better than anyone what her father and stepmother

were like.

Yvette, however, was not as calm as Homer. Holding onto his arm, she paled as if she had seen a

ghost. “Y–You…”

Outsiders assumed Maia had gone missing for a year, but the Burgess couple was sure she died

in the fire.

But there she was, at the press conference!

“Long time no see, Yvette. Too excited to see me?” Maia let out a half–smile.

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She turned to the reporters before the two could say anything. Live cameras were pointed directly at

her, and flashes kept going off.

“The footage you saw was recorded by my aunt’s dashcam when Yvette’s men assaulted my brother

and me. We didn’t want to pursue the matter, but they kept pushing it.”

Maia took out several bills from her handbag.

“These are Burgess Winery’s utility bills. If my brother had shut their electricity and water off, the bills

would look different. But it had been about the same time every month.” Maia

continued, “Also, Yvette claimed that my brother was verbally abusive to them.”

She turned to glare at Homer and Yvette. “How could a mute person be verbally abusive to you? Even

if he did it through sign language, could you understand?

“I’m sure everyone here can tell who the true victims are. As for you two, be prepared for the legal


Maia placed the bills on the desk before Homer and Yvette.



Nigel then entered the venue and put a letter before the two. “Mr. and Mrs. Burgess, here’s a legal

notice issued on behalf of my client.”

Yvette knew Nigel was now an internationally renowned attorney. Seeing his courteous smile, she

angrily picked up the notice and tore it to pieces.

“I won’t be fucking intimidated!”

Maia sneered and said in a lowered voice, “Don’t forget you’re on camera, Yvette.”

Hearing this, the woman realized all the cameras pointed at her. What she did just now was recorded.

Alarmed, she quickly wiped her tears and sobbed, playing the victim.

Maia snorted. “Since you’re not interested in reading the legal notice, wait for the court summons then.

As I said, be ready to face the legal consequences!”

Maia then turned and headed toward the door. All this was done swiftly and decisively.

As Maia had gone missing for a year before confronting Homer and Yvette, the reporters were eager to

interview her.

However, just as they swarmed over, dozens of bodyguards stopped them from coming near.

Even so, the reporters continued to ask their questions.

“Ms. Maia, what have you been doing for the past year?”

“Now that you’ve shown up, will you reunite with Cedric?”

ed into the venue and

“Ms. Maia, do you know about Mr. Cedric’s engagement with Ms. Zera?”

Each question was as sharp as the next.

At this point, a man entered the venue, his eyes fixed on her. There were mixed emotions on

his face.

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In full view of everyone, he grabbed Maia’s wrist and pulled her into his chest. Leaning into him, she felt

his warmth and took in his familiar scent.

However, the man she once knew so well was now only a stranger to her. The past no longer meant

anything to her.

“Cedric, let me go!” Maia struggled in vain to yank her hand off his.

Cedric frowned, sensing her coldness toward him.

He instructed the bodyguards, “Get rid of them!”



“Yes, sir!” the bodyguards answered and immediately tried to get the reporters to leave.

Cedric then pulled Maia along toward the elevator.

“Maia!” Nigel quickly chased after them.

Cedric signaled with his eyes, and the bodyguards charged over to stop Nigel.

“Let go of Maia! What are you trying to do to her?”

Cedric sneered. After a year of regret, he was glad Maia was still alive but furious that she had

tricked him. Cedric wanted to punish her.

The elevator doors closed slowly, and Maia was trapped.